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  • > The shortcuts can be customized using the keyconfig extension by Dorando

    but I'm using "Customizable Shortcuts" by Tim Taubert and it doesn't work with subj.

  • Einträge erscheinen nicht im Kontextmenu in FF 37.0.2.
    In meinem System gibt es keine userconfig.css-Datei.
    Das Erstellen dieser Datei mit den entsprechenden Einträgen hilft auch nicht. :-(
    Das Einzige was funktionniert, sind die Tastenkombinationen.

  • I absolutely love this.

  • Firefox included with a blurb in 28, "Close Tabs to the Right", but here we have been enjoying that feature as well as "at left", "other windows", and "this domain" for a while now. Plus I have all my shortcuts for tab closing now :). Thanks a lot for this app

  • thank you so much :)

  • This is in my first install toolkit. Great. Thanks.

  • Version 2.6 has bugs . Pls revert to version 2.5

    After Auto-Update from 2.5 to 2.6 , Addons TabContextMenu option ie " Close Tab to Left / Right " was lost ,
    Opening Menu Editor Addon Option and Re-Applying Tab Context Menu Option brought it back

    Thought "problem solved" , but NO ,
    glitches with menu editor addon made this addon context menu fail to work - manytimes ..

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    Thanks again for your report. I took the time to analyze the described problem but was unable to reproduce it. Close other tabs has no functionality (not a single line of code) to hide its context menu items.

    I assume that there is some incompatibility with other add-ons that you have installed. I'm sorry - there is nothing I can do to help you. My procedure to add context menu options is the official one from the documentation that can be found in the Mozilla Developer Network. You might want to try the following: install Close other tabs in a new Firefox profile, then add your other add-ons until the problem reappears. This might help you to identify which add-on is incompatible with Close other tabs.

  • I've been using this add-on for ages and I've found it great, a must. However, it seems that the new version is only for keyboard shortcuts? I can't find the options in the tab context menu anymore, so I'm guessing that's it.
    Maybe it's just me. However, if that's indeed the case and the tab context menu has been removed by default, this add-on loses most of its appeal.

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    It should be available, both keyboard shortcuts and context menu are supported in this version. At least, they are on my PC (Firefox 12.0, Windows). Nothing has been removed.

    Could you please provide some information about your setup (Firefox version, operation system), perhaps via e-mail, and I will check this.

  • (Using Nightly 15) The addon works well but there's a frustrating problem: the options are relative to the currently active tab, not the one you right-clicked on. So you have to manually switch tabs before using it if you're not in the tab you want; if you forget you might lose some tabs.

    Edit: Thanks! While you're at it, another thing I noticed is that it doesn't respect the "Warn me when closing multiple tabs" preference (doesn't show the "Confirm close" dialog if you have that on).

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    Thank you for pointing this out. This is definitely not intended behaviour and I will fix this in the next version 2.6 (edit: fixed).

    Regarding your edit: Not respecting the browser.tabs.warnOnClose property is actually by design. Close other tabs originally just provided keyboard shortcuts to manage tabs very fast and bypassing the warnings that show up when using the tab's popup menu. Furthermore, the user interface for the "Warn me when closing multiple tabs" is not accessible by developers. Implementing this feature would require reverse engineering and probably break with every new version of Firefox.

  • Let's face it. None of us are good at managing tabs. Most of us eventually become overwhelmed and close the entire browser and try to start fresh.

    This is the add-on I needed since the beginning of tabbed browsing. Like the other user said, it should be built into Firefox!

    My only issue: I wish there was a "close all other Firefox windows" option. That is the only thing stopping this from being perfect. Is it possible Florian Volk?

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    Thank you for your nice review!
    I'm currently under some load in my job but I will definitely evaluate if this feature can be included in the next version. Stay in tune!

  • ctrl+shift+f4 was precisely what i was looking for.
    the other three were a pleasant surprise. intuitive.
    thanks, mate
    using it on ff4.0b7

  • This add on is exactly what i am looking for. I used to use another browser which had this function with ctrl+shift+f4 to close all other windows. And this add on somehow share the same short key combination.

    it would be excellent if it contains three icons with these three functions

  • Very nice, I was looking for this.
    Would be nice to have a preference panel with shortcut configuration.

  • The sortcuts should be customizable.

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    You can customize every shortcut in Firefox using the keyconfig extension from http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?t=72994. Just install and start it from the Tools menu and change the values for cot2_CloseOtherTabs, cot2_CloseTabsAtLeft and cot2_CloseTabsAtRight as you like.

  • For some reason Ctrl+Shift+F5 does not work in my case. Using Windows 7 x64.

  • fantastic add on, wish that it was built in