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  • Looking for a long time. Best extions tools that I have used.
  • Is there a way to set the auto date format to DD/MMM/YYYY ? e.g. 12-FEB-2019. I am currently having to edit an alternate format each time I paste. Awesome addon though. Been using for years. Thanks.
  • I had to download from website for this extension to work. Well worth it though!
  • An absolutely useful and necessary addition for those who often write e-mails directly in the browser. I'm surprised that Firefox does not have such a built-in function yet...
    Mozilla - listen to the users' voice more!
  • It's a very useful addon, but three problems limit its utility once you have a large number of entries.
    1. You can't sort or rearrange items,
    2. It has a search window in Organize mode, but you can't search when you're trying to Insert.
    3. While inserting, you only see the first fragment of an item. You should be able to see the whole thing when you hover your cursor over it.
    Starting with version 6.1, which was just released, reordering of clippings and folders in Clippings Manager using drag and drop will now be saved, and the ordering will be reflected in the Clippings menu.
  • Clippings for Thunderbird is the most important and productivity-enhancing addon I've ever encountered. Essential for people writing many mails a day. Thanks to the developer for updating!