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  • Looking for a long time. Best extions tools that I have used.
    This add-on keeps changing the size of Firefox's window, even after making the add-on full window. I hate having to resize both windows to full window, every single time I open Firefox. Another issue is that it does not let me organize clippings the way I want them or in alphabetical order. This is a completely hassle. The search feature only finds folders, but not contents.

    I would like to be able to export the clippings to a different add-on that does not have theses issues, but I have collected so many that I don't know how I will do this.
  • Is there a way to set the auto date format to DD/MMM/YYYY ? e.g. 12-FEB-2019. I am currently having to edit an alternate format each time I paste. Awesome addon though. Been using for years. Thanks.
  • I had to download from website for this extension to work. Well worth it though!
  • An absolutely useful and necessary addition for those who often write e-mails directly in the browser. I'm surprised that Firefox does not have such a built-in function yet...
    Mozilla - listen to the users' voice more!
  • Clippings for Thunderbird is the most important and productivity-enhancing addon I've ever encountered. Essential for people writing many mails a day. Thanks to the developer for updating!
  • I love it but I can't sync it on my mobile phone. Please tell me how I can open my Clippings on my mobile. Thanks
    Clippings is currently not available for Firefox Mobile.
  • Would it be possible to speed up showing the window when pressing Alt+Shift+Y?
    It used to show up almost instantly in previous versions (maybe lower than version 6) and now it takes almost 1-2 seconds to appear and I use the app quite often and all these waits count altogether.