Great addon, a few annoying--bugs Bewertet mit 4 von 5 Sternen

This addon has become indispensable for internet research. However, after a time, "Clip To OneNote" loses its ability to include most or all images from selected portions of a great many webpages. The addon must be uninstalled and re-installed to regain that feature.

It addition, "Clip To OneNote," after re-installation, remembers my settings from the previous installation: It is not removing that information as it--and all addons--should upon being uninstalled. An addon which does not remove its specific settings or other information leaves useless garbage within Firefox, contributing to needless bloat, degraded performance, and, perhaps, creates a Privacy/Security threat.

My setup: Pale Moon Version: 15.1.1, (fork of Firefox), MS Office OneNote 2010 (14.0.6022.100) SP1 MSO (14.0.6023.100)

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