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  • This is now the 5th AddOn of this kind that I am using. This finally seems to do what was promised.
  • It does it job! Perfect for web developers, thanks!!!
  • There is no notification when cache is cleared (ff 61.0.1)
  • does what's on the box, i'm satisfied :)
    hope there's no spyware inside, didn't look
  • Fungerar mycket bra!
    Vill ha till alla webbläsare!
  • exelente
  • I've used this for a long time and would give it five stars. My only niggle is that now there's a notification (in the latest version) that the cache has cleared, it lingers too long, and thus hides other notifications!
    Perhaps a shorter notification, or the ability to choose how long it shows?
  • just nice TQ
  • excellent
  • quick, safe, SIMPLIFIES LIFE!!!!!!!!!