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Perfect. Can delete cache, cookies, history etc. individually but I always press ctrl/alt/c with just one hand to delete everything at once. It can also do it with two clicks. Works great to test Apache configuration changes. I use v.1.10 since a month without a glitch on Firefox 24.6.0 on Debian 7 Wheezy (Iceweasel).

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A really useful tool.. i like it

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Very good, but there are still the suggestions of the sites i visited, can't i clear that with this?

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Very useful tool for the intended purposes (clearing cache, history etc.). After firefox 29 version 1.10 has a small bug though (I assume its something to do with the plugin but it could be with firefox). If you put the icon in inside the new menu (the one with the 3 stripes) then clear console ocupies 2 squares, one with the icon and another with the words "ClearConsole" (it should be only one square right? only shou the icon?)

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very nice.

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Aplikace v Mozille je mnoho let.Klikni na nástroje\možnosti\soukromí\nastavení a seřiď si co chceš. Pokud je to možné, tak pro toho, kdo má rozum, je druhá stejná aplikace plýtváním.Doplňky cookieCuller, Clear History, Clear Cache a Cache Status jsou doplňky, kterými seřizujete za provozu a splnují účel pro chvalozpěvy.
Bohužel se vše maže pouze v Mozille na povrchu a při zavření Mozilli se musí prohlížeč důkladně pročistit.Ty nánosy tam stále jsou.Hold, kdo chce mít tři čističe ve dvou aplikacích, může zpívat své chvalozpěvy tak do prázdna mimo mísu.Po instalaci jsem aplikaci ve verzi 28 nenašel.Když se tu ničí a mění aplikace a umístění a nahrazuje novými, nedivím se vašim názorům. Verze 29 ještě nevyšla a mnozí ji už mají.Divná recenze o zbytečnosti.

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extra super útil muito funcional e trabalha bem em Firefox 29 , gosto muito da função de apagar todos os https logins. bom trabalho.

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Cool Thanks :)

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Hermoso, si programas Websites, ya que limpia todo el cache sin problemas y puedes ver los cambios que haces al instante, lo recomiendo mucho...

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This is a simple plugin, it does what I do in 4, maybe 5 steps. Nothing special just 1 click usefull

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Awesome :)

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This is a very convenient add=on for me. I use it frequently.
I recommend it to others.

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I don't see in settings.
(To delete everything and choice marks)

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Still one of my favourite add ons.

Having easy access to different cleaning options is excellent and the various restart/shutdown options really make it.

Thank you!

Reading through some recent comments I see some people saying it doesn't work? For my part I've used it with Firefox and IceDragon both installed and portable and never found it not to work.

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This is a straight-forward, easy to use add-on. It doesn't freeze which to me is a plus.

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Very thoughtful and to the point, thank you friends.

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This extension is perfect for my need

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Works great as far as I can tell but am a little unsure it's clearing everything it says. Better if you let me see the results more easily.

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After many doubts, I checked my history on icedragon portable and noticed that it does not clear anything..


Clearing the Console Couldn't be any Easier!!! Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

This is a great time saver & everyone should have it on their toolbar for easy access to it. After being on sites that you need to fill in some information, it's just 1 simple click & everything is cleared from your browser. No worries about anyone retrieving any of your past history, etc.
But it would be nice to have the same easy access to clearing all out of Thunderbirds cache, etc. **Is there any chance the developers could do this???