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  • does not work on FF 52.2.0 (32-bit). wrong redirect page, no way to get support.
    why is this plugin signed and recommended
  • Выдаёт только сообщение об ошибке!
    Бесполезное барахло.
    Не качайте.
  • It simply doesn't work. Whenever I press it a little box opens lower right screen with the message *Error
  • Hi, thanks for your work.
    It turns out that when I run it fails.
    I have the latest version.
    Thank you.

  • only get error notification when i click on it, useless
  • Installed on clean install of FF - Gets an error when you click the button. Garbage
  • Thanks

    "FF 32 Rated 5 out of 5 stars

    by Siggy on September 8, 2014 · permalink · translate

    In FF 32 set "browser.cache.use_new_backend_temp" to false and restart FF, will work properly"
  • only get error message.. remove it please
  • Addon does not work.
  • It looks like Chris has abandoned Clear Cache. Mozilla should remove it from the Add-On list.
  • Doesn't work. No button showed up on my toolbar. I use Firefox 34.0.5.
  • ㅠㅠ
  • Get this Error message too.....
  • I get 'error' . I don't care for addons that I have to tinker with to make them work. Bye bye.
  • Siggy's workaround to have Clear Cache Button run correctly with recent Firefox versions, "In FF 32 set "browser.cache.use_new_backend_temp" to false and restart FF, will work properly" is efficient in that it simply disables the new disk cache2 and returns the old cache as default.

    I'd say it's not worth it because the new cache2 is far more worthy than the old cache, Firefox runs far better with it. It had a few problems with Firefox 31 but since FF 32 the difference is highly noticeable and Firefox manages memory cache + disk cache in symbiosis with a great result.

    This add-on is no longer in the lot of modern extensions. There are alternatives.
  • Siggy... how do I set that file to "false"... TY
  • Siggy's tip worked fine with FF33b. Thanks!
  • In FF 32 set "browser.cache.use_new_backend_temp" to false and restart FF, will work properly
  • I am using Clear catch since long time,but now I Firefox is updated to version 32.0 (beta). Clear catch is not working ,showing "Error" message.
  • Unfortunately, this addon is broken with Firefox 32.
  • Baut einen kleinen Button ein mit dem man auf einen Knopfdruck den Browsercache löschen kann. Klappt und gefällt mir gut.
  • Initially add-on would download to FF12 but ICON would not appear in toolbar customization menu. Pressing "OPTION" button on FF Add-On page would freeze add-on page and browser requiring task manager to kill FF. By disabling add-on, then re-enabling add-on, then removing add-on, then UNDO removal of add-on, the ICON eventually appeared in the Toolbar customization menu allowing it to then be dragged into toolbar. 5 stars for use, 2 stars for ease of installation.
  • Clear cache saves my time during my developemnt debugging. Good addon
  • I like this tiny button, that saves time (you can clear the cache by pressing SHIFT-CTRL+DEL, but you have to choose several options every time).
    Thx, champ!

    p.s. The notification worx well at FF v11
  • Does not clear cache or alert that button has been pushed (which is a setting in preferences). FireFox 10, Mac OSx 10.7.3