Lifesaver for people who hate the new firefox GUI changes! Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

My entire family uses this add-on, because we all use small icons (with TEXT), which the new firefox just eliminated. My elderly parents, aunt, grandparents, all use icons with text, so this was a real lifesaver in terms of preserving their ability to use their browser. This add-on allows you to have icons with text, and lots of other useful, easy-to-configure features. Spend a couple minutes with this add-on's configuration menu and you'll find it was time well spent. What a fantastic little gem. Firefox users use Firefox because they don't want to use Chrome or Internet Explorer, so the developers need to stop eliminating user options and trying to turn Firefox into a crap browser look alike. Until the Firefox developers come to their senses, I hope this fantastic add-on continues to be available going forward.

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