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***** Great in FF4.0.1/MacOSX.5.8!
Hi; I just want to add that I managed to change those ugly yellow bookmark toolbar folders to icons of my choice using the extension "Bookmark Favicon Changer 1.46". Now only these 3 WISHES remain: – An option to deactivate the green reload animation in tabs (because the site icon should be permanent, and TabMixPlus shows a customizable reload bar above every tab icon/title). – An option to deactivate CCO's tab rendering completely (otherwise CCO overrides TabMixPlus' tab color customization). – CCO 4.0.9 unfortunately does not show Bookmark Separator bars in the toolbar, but it absolutely should.

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I'll work on suggestions

I'll work on fixing the issue with CCO overriding TMP's tab color customization. It is not my intention for TMP's colors to be overridden. It's just hard to know every permeation of interaction between other add-ons (like TMP) until users report specific issues.

I can also look into an option in regards to the reload icon in tabs. Hopefully this isn't too difficult to provide an option for.

I don't know why you aren't seeing the bookmark separators on toolbars. I'd really appreciate screen captures of the issue you are seeing so I can figure out what is going on. Please contact me via either or