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  • Far better than mIRC.

    Edit: I’ve now stopped using the extension version because I got tired of having to quit IRC every time I needed to restart Firefox (which is quite a lot, since I use nightlies). Now I use the XULRunner version from http://chatzilla.rdmsoft.com/xulrunner/ .

    Since Firefox 3 has XULRunner built in, all you have to do is unzip the ChatZilla files and create a special shortcut.

    In my case, the target is “"C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -app "C:\Program Files\ChatZilla\application.ini"”. (I’ve also changed the icon, which is Firefox’s by default, to the one in ChatZilla’s \chrome\icons\default\chatzilla-window.ico file.)

  • ChatZilla is convenient because you don't have to install a new program, you can just add it to firefox! But I do think it should have something like a list of known people and a list of known channels and networks. And one thing that is really annoying is that when someone starts flooding, it locks up my computer and boosts the CPU to 100%.

  • ...please note that ChatZilla causes Permatabs to mess up a little, due to the Permatabs extension\'s default behaviour. \r\n\r\nPermatabs will not load its saved tabs in a new Firefox window if one is already open. Since ChatZilla is a Firefox Entension, it is treated as a Firefox Window, so if you close Firefox but leave ChatZilla open, your Permatabs will not load when you next open Firefox. Close ChatZilla to fix the problem.\r\n\r\nAlso make sure that you do not \"Force Terminate\" ChatZilla (by shutting down your computer without closing it, or using the \"Force termination\" option in Process Lasso or a similar application), because that will convince Firefox into thinking the browser crashed when it was last opened.

  • Very useful add-on, especially considering it is free.

  • Not too bad for an IRC client. ChatZilla is sometimes difficult to maneuver around and is a very basic IRC client, but if you're just starting out or can't download full programs, this would work well for you. It opens into a totally new page in the taskbar which is somewhat a disappointment, as I originally thought it would open like a tab in the browser.

  • It works great!

  • My favorite IRC client.

  • I switched to Chatzilla because mIRC had a software problem in which caused me to constantly ping out. I prefer mIRC over Chatzilla feature-wise but Chatzilla has been good to me thus far (connection-wise). It is a tad bit easier to use though there are some features, like I said, that make mIRC better than Chatzilla. However, Chatzilla is a simple chat program for those who don't like the complex stuff.

  • I've used ChatZilla for quite a while and find it simple and rather useful. However, these days I find myself just using Konversation so I don't have to open up Firefox when I don't need to. If you're looking for a decent IRC client and don't want to futz with anything, I suggest you give this a try.

  • I really like chatzilla.
    I tried Mirc before, which is way too complex for my taste.
    I tried Trillian, which is way too buggy for my taste.
    I am using Chatzilla now for months, and it never failed me.
    While it is simple compared to Mirc, it DOES have all basic, including a sound when your nickname is used, and startupcommands.
    I really like chatzilla. :-)
    Good job!

  • Awesome add-on that works perfectly in linux using the latest firefox version Clicking links on pages instantly brings up ChatZilla.

    Only Con - unable to change background color. I really hate staring at white pages all day. -2 points.

  • I love the way Chatzilla works, The UI is great only one problem for people who like to be on many networks with many channels that tabs turn into unrecognizable dots, Thus i suggest multi line Channel tabs. It would be nice and i bet the use of CZ will spread to those irc junkies.

  • Its great if your into things like this but for a newby its abit tricky.

  • This IRC client has one of the best interfaces I've seen. It's customizable with its CSS, and the light motif looks great, especially with adjustments to the fonts. Adding tabs to auto-join a server and/or channel on startup is a breeze, and chat logging is easy to set up (and outputs to human readable plain text files). Colors and highlighting make each type of activity very easy to distinguish, and the flashing taskbar button is a great way to keep alert about mentions of your name or any selected keywords for notification.

    My only two gripes would be that a.) You can't restart Firefox without restarting Chatzilla, which means that if you want to use Chatzilla uninterrupted, your Firefox memory usage will slowly build up; and b.) the flashing orange taskbar button in Windows is equivalent to a bouncing Firefox icon in the Mac OS X dock, which is a bit less helpful (as it's not immediately clear whether it's about Chatzilla or some other Firefox process grabbing attention). It'd be wonderful if Chatzilla could somehow work with the Growl application or somehow have its own Chatzilla icon representation on the dock.

  • I like using CZ very much, but the only thing that I with it had was a "Welcome Back," or "WB," ability. mIRC has that ability and I have found that it is used a lot in IRC. This would be a great thing to have on ChatZilla for those who don't know JavaScript.

  • After looking for a good open source/free software IRC client for Windows I found ChatZilla, I do web apps development, so I always have a Firefox window open. ChatZilla lacks some features we can find on mIRC or other popular IRC clients, but as I am not in IRC chatting just for fun, I amd there to get help and to help others, ChatZilla givs me all that I need and best of all it is open source, if I ever need some special feature I can do it myself.
    Cheers and go ahead with this extension.