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  • Whoever made this extension is a hero! For years only spambots could get by the Google-Torture-CAPTCHA and now with this extension humans too finally can get by!!!!!!!! The Google-Torture-CAPTCHA is completely unsolveable by humans. It has never ending fake puzzles that never end. Spambots get by instantly and solve the visual puzzle because Google makes it how computers can solve, not how humans solve. This extension can't solve the visual computer-only-solvable visual puzzles of the Google-Torture-CAPTCHA (Google also always gives humans zillions of never ending ones) but it can solve the audio CAPTCHA and I can at least access my cell phone company's website so I can pay my bill!
  • Google is crap! Google must die! Google captcha author must burn in hell! This extension helps to get rid of crappy, but powerfull company (even this review was censored).
  • didn't work a single time. got the "automated inquiries box the first time and every time.
  • Must have addon. Every day I wish recaptcha developers to die in agony.
  • Funktioniert nicht.
  • J'espère que cela va fonctionner
  • Funktioniert immer
  • "Cannot contact reCAPTCHA. Check your connection and try again." immer und immer wieder,, denke es wurde gepatched von google, und lässt es nun nicht mehr zu
  • Not working: Your computer or network may be sending automated queries.