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  • Great add on. Intuitive and straight forward. I have a suggestion/request though. Is it possible to add a keyboard shortcut for refreshing the feeds?
  • Лучший ридер не только для Firefox, но и вообще для браузеров, остальные вечно чем-то не устраивали.
  • It works as I need. It can open our company intranet feeds, which any other RSS readers can't. Very useful!
    Thank you!
  • Why is it not possible to minimize the sidebar by scrolling it to the left more or less for example ? I know that one can hide it completely but it just does not make sense that it takes about 70 or 80% of the screen here on the left when it is visible and only the remaining % are for reading the feeds on the right

    Besides this a rather good reader, my opinion so far at least
  • Multiprocess windows managament is disabled when I leave only this addon activated (as seen in about::support).
    (Other addons like both uBlock and Ghosterry are doing fine)
    Firefox version: 49.0.
    Brief version: 2.2.2
  • I love Brief reader especially because it is the only one that allows me to store feeds more than one month (i need it for my historical research) , but it's very slow to show items at each opening and each reload. Someone is experiencing the same problem on Mac/FF v45?
  • The same issue here: Works only on one Computer. If you're syncing with another one, it doesn't find the folder with the feeds. It's not possible to chance the folder with the stored feeds like it was in earlyer versions of this add-on. I had to switch to bamboo :-(
  • The extension is work well, but it is only on 1 PC, if I use this on 2 PCs, this extension don't use "Subscribed feeds" from data sync. It creates another "Subscribed feed" in the bookmark, and The data in bookmark is duplicated. Please check.
  • Робята, заробите ешо одну крайне важнецкую функцию - чтобы была кнопка или функция сохранения записи не в общем канале, а в канале автора. А то если жмакать на крестик - запись пропадает из общего канала и из канала автора одновременно. А если галочку - просто помечается как прочитанная и ниоткуда не убирается. Закладки - тоже не вариант. Сделайте, комрады!
  • Works as intended.
  • Great addon thankyou Webdeveloper.
    I highly recommend to others.
    I only need to check once a day and so would be nice to be restartless so that I can shut it off after first checking to keep limit of addons. Thankyou
  • I've been searching for a new reader since Greader left the scene - I've tried quite a few and now I've found what I was looking for. Simple to use, clean interface, nice to look at and easy to read (the whole point). Oh! and its free (and ad-free).
  • installed it, followed the instructions but the menu item that is supposed to allow you to subscribe doesn't activate when your on the rss feed page... so it's useless or I'm missing something. been trying to find an add on to allow me to download podcasts with firefox forever!!! why must I be stuck with itunes!!!!
  • Brief is a great reader that gets the details right. I love that the "unread items" view shows oldest items first, but the "all items" view reverses this. A lot of readers don't even have an oldest-first option, and when they do it's a global setting even though viewing all items oldest-first rarely makes sense.

    I like also the integration with Firefox's bookmarks/live bookmarks, and it was so easy to customize the font with a couple lines of CSS! And opening new items opens them in background tabs.
  • The closest to Chrome's RSS Feed Reader extension.
  • Но было бы хорошо добавить функцию синхронизации, что б на разных компах не читать одно и тоже.
  • Great addon but notification icon bug with reddit rss feed even after read (even with alt N) after update the notification icon said i did not read them.
    Could not reproduce the bug. Maybe the reddit posts are updated? In any case, all bug reports are welcome at https://github.com/ancestorak/brief/issues
  • I wish it has some enhanced features like notifications on keywords.
  • У остальных в лучшем случае трёхпанельность, что бессмысленно уменьшает место для собственно новостей. На какое-то время расширение перестали поддерживать, но на данный момент всё починили и ещё и улучшили.
  • FF 42, Brief v2.1.4. Unable to unsubscribe from a feed. My feeds are in a bookmark folder named 'RSS feeds' (original, eh? :) When I unsubscribe, the feed link isn't deleted and has to be deleted manually. But still the best reader for me.
    Fixed in Brief 2.2
  • I've been using Brief for years now, and for over two months I"ve been noticing a problem, a serious one. I cannot update the feeds anymore, I cannot add any new feed. When I look at the default folder where my feeds are I can see the new feeds I've subscribed, but they won't show on Brief...
  • This now causes Firefox to crash a few seconds after startup. Once disabled I can use the browser again. Until fixed 1 star.
    Never seen Firefox crash because of Brief. Does the current version (Brief 2.2) work for you?
  • FF42 not work
  • 用了好多年,加油!
  • FF42 - Feeds, die aus den Lesezeichen gelöscht werden bleiben weiterhin in Brief vorhanden.
    Wird es hier noch mal ein Update geben oder ist das Projekt tot?