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  • In FF56 absolutely top. But in FF69 sometimes deleted feed entries will new loaded again and again.
  • Perfect until firefox 69 ... No more update. I hope the problem is temporary. Thank you
  • A very good addon, I'm using it since 2010, but lately I start having a problem with the page direction, because I have feeds in both Arabic and English context and it doesn't appear well since it prevents the "switch page direction", Please fix it asap because I don't want to use any other RSS addon
  • would be nice if any of the instructions for adding a feed were current. Hard to use when you can't any content -go ahead try to add the bbc feeds using your instructions. already moving on to some thing else.
  • None of buttons are working
    I click everywhere and nothing happens
    I'm on Android with latest Firefox version
    Boring !!!!!!!! 😓

    Edit : So, did you test it ?
    Brief is developed and tested on desktop Firefox for now and I'm actually surprised one can install it on Android at all. Will test it on Android when I have time.
  • Just too many permissions, otherwise great extension. Still works in Firefox 68 even though the screenshots look awfully old.
    Most of the permissions are required for Brief to work, unfortunately. The ones that could be optional are bookmark access (used because items starred in Brief are the ones bookmarked in Firefox, which could be changed), notifications (feed update notifications are enabled by default), downloads access (optional for now, but will be needed to implement automatic backup). All the worst ones - access data for all sites, access tabs, store unlimited data - are the ones required for a feed reader with long-term storage of the feed entries to work in Firefox.
    If you have ideas how to make Brief work without requesting these, would be cool to hear them on the Brief's GitHub issue tracker.
  • A dark theme would be really appreciated
  • I had to re-install at update to 2.6.0, all buttons not worked.
    But now, everything work smoothly, Thank you for this useful add-on!
  • 非常好的插件! 建议增加几个功能:1.消息搜索功能(目前的搜索框不能激活). 2.界面再增加一列 消息标题列,参考thunderbird 布局里的直视图. 3.增加消息的导入导出功能.
  • I really love this reader and been using it for years but ever since the firefox changes many moons ago stuff has broken, and I still can't fix even with the new latest Firefox browser Quantum 67.0.2 64bit. Like one feature I loved was the search bar it doesn't let me search for a news story with in my groups. I can't for the life of me create new folders for each group of feeds such as tv shows or news storys about technology. it just wants to create one super folder. I have no idea where the feeds are stored in the bookmarks.

    any help would be great as I feel this is the one and only RSS feeder that works and doen't need a subscription based service.

    The creators have done a great job on it, just too bad firefox had to change it's programming so it can't work with new versions.
    The feeds are no longer stored in bookmarks, but in the Brief's internal database. You can create folders by switching to the Organize mode, clicking a "..." entry and entering the name of the folder to be created.

    Yes, search is not yet available, sorry about that. Hope to restore it in a few versions.
  • i love it
  • 很好的软件,就是有一个问题,不能并排显示主题和内容,不方便