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  • I feel late, actually I knew this extension, but at the time when it was published could not guess its potential. Because at that time was not worried on who else is reading or recording the pages I am surfing :) Discovered months ago another add-on doing the exact thing this one was doing long before it, called Crimerize. I named crimerize the best thing happening for Firefox in the recent past. Well, if I could remember this Bork Bork sooner :)
  • Very fun! I love dropping this on friends' machines and then watching them try to decipher their email....
  • I don't really use all that filter stuff, but this is still an absolutely hilarious add-on! It translates quickly and it's really funny, especially the "bork copy" feature. Five stars!!
  • Loved it a lot. Who doesn't love the Swedish Chef, anyway? A pity it's not compatible with TB 3.0.4 (which is why I'm only giving it a 3). I'll miss it. :(
  • This is an essential Thunderbird extension for me as I love the way it handles email spam messages.
  • O, you mean it's a filter too...........
  • Different. Humorous. Ingenious! Kudos on a very original, albeit virtually useless, way to view text. Too bad there's no accompanying voice translation. That would make this add-on a near necessity. Bork Bork Bork!
  • Im looking for a URL blocker, as I need to block a certain page on a website but not the entire website.

    The url blocker works great, but even after the most recent update, ALL flash/html is blocked. Ive started playing net games on another browser, but Id really like to play them on ff.

    The only box I have checked is "Enable URL Filtering", Enable HTML FIltering and all the rest are un-blocked. Anything I can do?
  • I see this as an add-on with little to no practical use whatsoever; but the fact that it is a Swedish Chef translator compels me to install it.
  • William - the Swedes find this funny - only self-important politically correct turds like you don't.
  • William, you're the reason we can't have anything nice in this world... Like the Muppet Show. Or Looney Tunes. Also this is hilarious, funny, and awesome all rolled into one. Stick that in your offended pipe and schmoke it.
  • That's not how Swedes speak, I find this quite offensive -.-
  • Please update for FF 3.011 - 3.6
  • add :
    import URL and export URL to *.txt
    easy install to other pc like Adblock Plus(ABP)

  • this addon works with EN lang only?
  • Rolling On the Floor Laughter , espescially when the e-mail falls into my 'Junk' Folders in Thunderbird. Also Check out the 'Bork Bork Bork Translation of Google. Perhaps a Bork_Bork_Bork Dictionary is in the works for Open Office??...
  • This add-on is absolutely hilarious. Some of my best spent bandwidth.
  • Now I read all my emails!
  • This add-on is amazing- It filters out unwanted webpages, it borks whole pages of text, it even stops annoying ads to "win a solid gold i-Phone"... it's amazing. I don't know how I lived without it.
    Download it now, you won't regret it...
  • New favorite add-on! Now i have to read every web page! Oh! I need to find a website in pig latin to read! Or latin! This page is officially bookmarked.
  • The junk mail in sucking me in ..... it's just ..... so much fun to read it now .. help ... no wait don't help me I like its embrace that is sucking away my time

    Thanks for a great add-on
  • Oh man, now you gave me a reason to read junk mail lol
  • Oh man, now you gave me a reason to read junk mail lol
  • Yes! Yes! Yes!

    At last this now works with Firefox 3 and normality has returned for I can now bork images away to my hearts content. So, I can now zap useless celebs I loathe with a simple right click and not have to see their garish mugs again!

    Many thanks for updating this vital plug in.