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  • It can't work!
  • For those who want to deiconize bookmarks on Firefox 20+, install Stylish: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/stylish/?src=search
    and then install this Style:
  • Being able to not show the folder icons should be a standard FF feature. Sadly missed. Roomy Bookmarks Toolbar is an alternative, though at the moment it removes also the bookmarks icons inside the folder, which I don't want.
  • Does the developer plan on updating this extension at all? Even though toggling enable/disable works, every time I open a new Browser window or clicking on the Downloads button, all the folders would revert back to the icon format, requiring another enabling/disabling to get rid of them.

    Please update this extension? Does anyone know of any alternative solutions?
  • It is easier to temporaly fix the visibility of icons: go to Add-Ons from top menu and switch off/on (deactivate and activate) the Bookmarks Deiconizer add-on
  • I discovered that it is not necessary to exit the browser. Closing the open window and then opening a new window gets rid of the icons.
  • Excellent. Quick & Easy - Download & Install, and it automatically gets rid of icons. (that look cluttered, and reduce the number of bookmarks that fit onto toolbar)
  • Thank you!
  • Can you (add an option to) change the background of folders to separate them from simple bookmarks?
  • 25年3月6日的版本无法安装,可以使用CSS,而不是扩大呢?
  • Have used with OS X Lion Firefox 10 thru 15 with none of the problems reported by others. Maybe they have addon conflicts. Anyone wanting to try it should; that's the only way to find out if it will work in any particular configuration.

    Since I had a white rectangle by every bookmark menu item it was really a good thing for me.
  • Great job. FF looks now more clear and minimalistic.
  • To make this extension to work in Firefox 9.0+ you have to enter in "about:config" and add a new Boolean string "extensions.checkCompatibility" setted to "false"; then restart and try to install it: it will work without problems!

    I love this extension, because is one of the most important goodness I've missed from Safari on Mac.
  • Its not working with latest releases of firefox.
    As an alternative am using 'Uniconify' which is perfect.
  • absolutely love it! Now my FF looks as concise as safari, which I have to leave behind because of its ridiculous memory usage.
  • I absolutely love this plugin however ever since I upgraded to Firefox 7, every-other restart or so this plugin fails to load and the bookmark bar icons appear. Seems like I'm not the only one with this issue; any chance you can fix it?

    Others, in the meantime any other addon-ons that can pull off this functionality?
  • I loved this add-on when it was working. Starting with FF7 and now with FF8 (beta), the bookmark icons in the toolbar keep reappearing. Disabling the add-on and then re-enabling it works for a time, but eventually the icons are back. I'm hoping the developer can fix this.
  • Parfait
  • It works.... until I add another bookmark, then the icon reappears again & I have to go thru installing/activating it again. FFX 5.0.1 Mac OS X 10.5.8
  • This is a wonderful addon, but I find that I often have to disable, and then re-enable the addon because the icons will reappear after a firefox restart. This happens under Linux (Centos 5) and under Mac OS X (Snow Leopard, and now Lion), using Firefox 3.x (can't remember how long ago I first installed this add-on), Firefox 4, or Firefox 6. It doesn't always happen upon firefox start (or restart), but it seems to happen more often than not.
  • Nice add-on. However, it doesn't work for me because I have my bookmarks toolbar up next to the location bar right where the search bar is usually located. In this position, the icons reappear...
  • Thanks for the fix! It works great again!
  • Stopped working with Firefox 5.0 on MacOS 10.6.7
    I really really miss this fix. And hope you'll be able to fix it robcee.
  • Works damn good with Firefox Nightly 8.0a1

    Thanx you so much!!