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This works great and is easy to use. Only one thing - requires browser restart to work otherwise it does GET instead of POST. The addon should be configured to say it needs to be restarted to work.

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Nice idea for an add-on, which I would very much like to use, but I can't get it to work.

Will the presence of the "POSTDATA=" string in the description automatically make the browser send a post request? I added the following string to a bookmark: "POSTDATA=hello=yes" But using the Web Console, I can see the browser is still sending a GET request, no POST data. Please advise.

[added info: Firefox 17.0.1 and add-on version 2.17.1]

[update: started working after restart of firefox - the description said "no restart required" but of course I should have tried this first - thanks]

Hmm, no clue unfortunately - here works fine. You seems to be doing it ok, as shown on the screenshot. Is there some error in the error console?

[reply to update: Interesting, indeed it shouldn't need a restart, i'll try to investigate when i get a chance - thanks for your review]