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Just what I was looking for! As I do a lot of research and preparation work across several linked subjects, I do sometimes want duplicate bookmarks. But every so often, a spring-clean is required, and this add-on enables me to see exactly where a bookmark is duplicated (even triplicated etc!) and therefore whether I want to keep multiples of it or not. What I didn't want was a blunt tool that deleted all duplicates in one fell swoop. Thank you!

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Works as promised.

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Without auto deletion or multiple selection it makes it a little annoying to use.

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VERY quick in finding duplicates, but I have roughly 2,K+ duplicates, I will not be deleting manually. When your other options, auto-delete or multiple delete options, become available, then I will re-review.

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Because of FF stupid sync I now have 122 duplicates... do you really expect me to delete them one by one? Godsake.

No I don't expect you to do that, and neither have I made any claims that the extension will do it for you. That will come in a later version sometime in the future, but until then this extension won't help you.

Merry Christmas

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Useless there is no option on my installed version to find duplicates and it makes no effort to find them by itself. I have installed it on 2 computers and it does nothing on either., pressing the firefox button at top left gives me the option to restore minimize or close. Nothing else.

I don't understand what you mean by "no option". Have you pressed the Bookmarks menu and then clicked "Bookmarks Duplicate Cleaner"? Alternatively you can press the Firefox-button on the top-left of the browser and then "Bookmarks Duplicate Cleaner". It scans for duplicates when it launches the window.

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Yes, it is a very useful add-on and also very light. Not perfect for the same reasons as above, but I want to say THANK YOU

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It works like it's supposed to, but only lets you delete a few links at a time. If an entire folder is duplicated, it's easier to use the built in bookmarks folder view of FF, call up the folder and select 25-30 links, then delete them all. I gave it four stars because it works, and didn't destabilize my system.

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Thanks to this app getting rid of my duplicate bookmarks is now only about.....9000 clicks away.
And don't blame me for this mess in my bookmark folder. Cross-browser bookmark import sucks.

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I like this add on. Seems to be well supported and most complaints in reviews are attended to. My comments are -
1. the add-on's delete function doesn't work from my wireless keyboard and I have to mouse click each time.
2. I would also like to see the highlight in the left pane step to the next record when the deletion completes. and
3. A method for making the scan ignore certain duplicates so that a bookmark can be in more than one tab.
It's a good program.

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Muito Bom o Complemento. Vejo pessoas aqui reclamando dele não fazer automático. Porém no meu caso fazer automático seria uma catástrofe. Eu prefiro decidir o que eu quero ou não apagar em meus favoritos. Pois possuo favoritos que já estão catalogados em pastas, e estes eu não posso apagar. Uma dica que eu dou é que ele poderia exibir a descrição do favorito não somente o caminho. Porque muitas vezes eu preciso saber o que eu escrevi sobre aquele favorito e porque está duplicado em sua descrição.

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Still works on Firefox 24 with manipulations : it's not very usefull when we have more than 2500 bookmarks to delete one by one...

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'The Bookmarks Checker - check for bad links' extension can scan for duplicates as well as bad links. It will automatically select every single duplicate for you and allow you to delete all (say, 6000) bookmarks in one click.

Maybe this one could use a multi-select function. It does have one advantage over the other extension, though: this extension displays them along with their location (specifically, it sorts them by URL, whereas the other sorts them by location). If you have OCD, like me, you'll *want* to keep the bookmarks you might have stashed in folders, neatly organized, so use this one... on the other hand, if you don't really care, use the bookmarks checker.

P.S. please don't be too impatient with the developer. It's hard work with no pay.

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While this addon does work correctly and offers a simple, clean interface for finding and removing duplicate bookmarks, it lacks any sort of ability to mass-delete duplicates.

If you only have 2 or 3 dupes, its fine.

If you have 500+ duplicates, you will have to manually click delete over and over gain.

Has potential but needs a lot more work.

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This tool works exactly as advertised. When I run it I see the list of duplicates on the left. On the right I select one to delete. At first I thought the tool was deleting both bookmarks but the fact is it deletes just one so there is no duplicate any more, only a single one of that bookmark. Thus it no longer shows up in the duplicate list on the left. I was mistaken at first about the behavior but I see that one of the original duplicated bookmarks remains. Very nicely done.

Is there a way to select all bookmarks with a CTRL + something? Bewertet mit 4 von 5 Sternen

Hello Anders, thanks for this add-on.
I have a big issue though.

Suppose that you have thousands of duplicates, hence a long list on the left pane.

Is there a way to select ALL bookmarks on the left ? Removing duplicates one-by-one is a very time-consuming process in my case.

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From my point of view it has friendly interface and I don't understand the claims to it. А fortiori taking to account that this addon is not aimed t frequent usage - it makes its job once and good. Next time it would be invoked after few months or even years, not earlier.
I have only one proposal.
Currently http://www.some_site/ and http://www.some_site it recognizes as different bookmarks due to last "/", although they are always the same url.
Is it possible recognize such bookmarks as duplicated?

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Thanks. Very important addon, but interface so scary.

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A good addon. Please consider adding some of the following features

1. Automatically select(to delete) duplicate bookmarks by date added i.e delete only the older version or delete only the newer versions.
2. Add the deleted duplicate bookmarks to a recycle bin maintained within the addon. This recycle bin will automatically empty after x days if the user never chooses to restore any bookmark.
This feature will make users more confident in BDD, and more people will be likely to use it and experiment with it.
3. A Link-checker to detect links that are now broken, and give the user the chance to delete all broken links, or to move them into a folder called "Broken Links"
4. The ability to backup bookmarks automatically before deleting them.

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V0.2. It does the job but it needs many improvements. Preview of tabs by mouseover, a better interface : re-sizable windows (i read that the next version will do). Do we see a list of all duplicates or original AND duplicates... I do not know what to delete. I'm not sure. I think i've deleted original+duplicates :p It means it's not intuitive/I'm not sure but i think some bookmarks not exactly the same are recognized as similar.I'll keep looking for updates.
Update : It works well but... i don't know, you need a better interface :p i can't explain.

1) Re-sizeable windows
Does the window not resize for you? This is enabled in the current version, and the comment about the next version is old and was referring to version 0.2.

2) The duplicate list
You see a list of _all_ the bookmarks. How would you go about choosing the "original"? I believe the user knows better which one is supposed to be the original since date-of bookmarking is not the only factor.
If you delete all by accident, the statusbar shows a clickable link of the most recently deleted bookmark so just click that to open the page and create a new bookmark.

3) Wrong bookmarks included
When scanning the bookmarks it compares the URL of them to find duplicates. They can be named differently, for instance if a bookmark to exists with the titles "Example" and "Example2" they will be detected as duplicates, since they go to the same page.
If you have examples of bookmarks where two different sites are detected as one duplicate please send me and I will investigate.

4) Mouseover
There is a button to open the current bookmark. I think the web-browser does a better job of displaying web-pages than a popup so this will most likely not be implemented.