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  • Agreed - it's been too long.
  • These guys that create these add ons need shooting when they do not update them.FF5 will be out before any thing happens with BI.A great theme but sad no updates.
  • I changed the max version to 3.0.3 in the install.rdf. But it didnt work for me. Did anyone try for 3.0.3?
  • I love this extension, its the best out there, why did it take some one so long to tell people how to get this installed its such an easy thing to do. The crappy part is that my scroll bar is showing as blank and i don't have my close tab buttons any more, but hey it still looks good
  • Followed instructions by Ch3nth1. It took less than 10 min. It seems the developers could have done this if still interested in the project. Thank you!
  • Looks nice,I'd like that you updated this,since my Firefox just updated to 3.0.3 only a few add-ons are avaible for me.
  • I think what saryth is saying the following
    1.Download the extension ( you may have to use browsers other than Firefox)
    2.Change the extension to .zip and extract.
    3.Edit in install.rdf file the version from 2.0.0 to 3.0.1.
    4.Recreate the zip with all the extracted files as well the edited install.rdf file, and then to convert the extension to .xpi
    5.Drag and drop this file .xpi file into Firefox and then install.
  • I was hoping that Saryth (see post below) could explain in more detain how to change the ".jar" to a ".xpi" file. Thanks. Signed - Anxiously awaiting 3.0 version...
  • I was hoping that Saryth (see post below) could explain in more detain how to change the ".jar" to a ".xpi" file. Thanks. Signed - Anxiously awaiting 3.0 version...
  • Nice Theme! Also, to run it on FF 3 just get an account at the firefox addons page and click the Ignore version check link and click on add, when on the EULA right click I Agree and click save link as and save it but change the .jar to .xpi and extract it and open install.rdf and in the MaxVersion line replace 2.0.0 with 3.0.1. then add it to a zip file and replace the .zip with .xpi and drag the new .xpi file into a fiefox window
  • Че все на английском пишут пишите на русском а то не че не понятно
  • When will it be possible to get this for FF3? Its the best theme on the net!
  • i'm waiting for the upgrade that could support FF3!!

  • I really love this theme and I will upgrade to FF3 when the day Blue Ice support FF3!
  • This has got to be the best theme for Firefox...can't wait for it to be released for v3
  • To everyone wanting this theme for FF3. Please be patient. If you visit the creator's site, you will see that it is on his to-do list and that he will work on it when he can. People have other things in life that they need to do to.
  • This is still my favourite theme of all time. It's making me sad to use an uglier one until this one gets updated for FF3!
  • Blue Ice is just gorgeous and also to work with.
    Could you make it compatible with Firefox 3?
    Much appreciation
  • I just love this, and I decided to stick to Firefox 2 until this gets released to Firefox 3...

    Can you please make a version for Firefox 3? Pretty please??
  • i like it the only thing is that the background is not that nice black. My home page is Google and it still looks the same with the white background. It doesnt look like the picture you have.
  • By far the most aesthetic theme for Firefox. I really miss it in FF3
  • ... there will be an update for FF3 soon - the weeks are passing ,,,
  • I really liked this theme in FF2.......Please update it to be compatible with FF3......I am missing it very much
  • These clean white-blue themes have been, by far, my favourite for FF2. They're so very missed on FF3.
  • This is a very refreshing theme. The icons look great and the font is easy to read. Great job!