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  • Blue Ice for Firefox 11 and 12 https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/blue-ice-reloaded/
  • My favourite Firefox theme is the Blue Ice . When are you going to make a Blue Ice theme for Firefox3 ?
  • Please update it soon
  • when are you going to upgrade to firefox 3.6
  • please upgrade to 3.5
  • i say you go ahead an update this one for ff 3.5 yourself. and just note in the description that you will cease development at any moment if the original developer wants you to. i went to his homepage and it says that he's working on a version that will be compatible with ff 3. well, ff is at 3.5 right now, so i assume that post could be as old as a year, so he may have halted blue ice's development because he lost interest in it, or in firefox altogether. in any case, i don't think he would mind if you were to update his theme.
  • The developer might have died, only God knows...
  • This theme seems to be dead
  • i've added this but it hasn't worked ... my browser looks exactly the same.
  • Hey.. I know a lot of ppl are interested in the Google Reloaded 2 style.. so, I wrote it for Stylish. Get it here: http://kristofferm.deviantart.com/art/Google-Reloaded-2-com-edition-124434598
  • 为什么只有老版本才可以安装。

  • It's absolutely ridiculous that this hasn't been updated in basically a year so it works with the new version of FF.

    Firefoxreloaded's website hasn't changed in the last year either. I think he's given up on this.

    I wouldn't send him any more paypal money until we actually see signs of him doing anything.
  • Like it but I think it's dead, anycolor with the default FF3 theme can achieve similar results -the rounded buttons, but with many other benefits.
  • @Ch3nth1l: Need help with the hack. If I change just 2.0.0 to 3.0.1, FF tells me it can't install because the theme is incompatible with FF3. If I also change 2.0 to 3.0, it won't install because it can't find the install.rdf file. Is there another step I am missing?
  • I Like it!!!
    But FireFox3 not supported!
    PLZ upgrade this theme to "Blue Ice 3"
  • @Kaliel
    The reason it's not presented as compatible with FF3 is because apparently no work has been done on it for about 9 months now. I agree that it is free, but so are other FF add-ons and those that wish to preserve their functionality are updated regardless of their free status. I'm not bitchin' because this theme is not out, I'm saying that in today's world of frequent updates it is non-functional to most FF users in general. If updates were not important, all of us might as well be running IE3 or Netscape or some equally antiquated piece of software.
  • @ Kurky
    If this theme were presented as compatible to FF3 I would agree with you, but it is not and it is clearly intended for FF2. Just because a product is not available to you, does not make it a bad product. Lets remember that many of these people volunteer their time to do this. It is not like they are getting paid to sit around and make this for us. We should be grateful we have this much. Try donating to the cause or something if that is your only gripe. None of us pay to download these themes after all. :/

    I really don't see how posting a bad review simply because its not in your preferred format helps you or anyone else who wants to see this product for FF3.
  • @Kaliel
    About 87% of FF users have updated to FF3. Add-ons are rated according to their functionality. For 87% of FF users Blue Ice is non-functional, so 13% would give it a 5 and 87% a 0 (zero). The average should be slightly below 1
  • Fantastic skin. This is the one I grab first whenever I install a new copy of Firefox and the only one I have tried that I have truly been happy with for long periods of use.
  • I love this theme and have been holding on to FF2 primarily because of it. It is clean, looks great and doesn't slow the browser down. One of the fastest, if not fastest themes out there. Can't wait till FF3 version comes out!
    Don't give a bad review just because there is no FF3 version. Look around, there are lots of other themes with no FF3 version. Bad reviews mean less ppl try it and less ppl using it mean less likely it gets updated. If you give bad review at least make it for something that has to do with the available theme, please.
  • update it for ff3 please
  • jest ladny taki niebieski hehe wszystko widac takie krystaliczny xD
  • trop pourrie je lui donne un zéro pointé, aller en faisant un effort je peux lui donner une étoile juste pour le temps de travail pour avoir fait une telle daube. Je regrette qu'il n'y ai pas de version récente pour firefox 3. Visiblement les mises à jour sont rares à moins de me tromper sinon je pense que cette version serait déjà dispo en firefox 3! Niveau qualité j'ai mal aux yeux rien qu'en le voyant. Biensûre il y a pire comme "skins" (thèmes) mais celui-çi même si il n'est pas le plus raté où le plus réussit reste quand même dans les moins réussit. Vous me suivez?! LOL Je préfère largement MidnightFox par exemple. Ciao ciao

    in English : Beurk, bad, sad, worry, i hate bouuuuu
  • Ch3nth1l: how exactly do you download the extension (using another browser)?