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Simple and efficient. Can select what I block and it always works.

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user-friendly: 3/5
✓built in gui
✓simple terminology
✓easy to learn
❎easy setup:
This addon is very tedious when it comes to setting it up to block a site.
-pull up the add-ons page
-select the "options" button,
-clicking "add"
-enter the full domain name
repeat to setup the add-on's list (no helpful prebuilt lists)
>subcategories: (features of an easy setup addon)
❎>toolbar button/menu (good example: ad block plus)
❎>context menu option (right click menu option for quick access)
❎>shortcut combo(such as alt+F4 which closes almost any active program window)
❎>autocomplete (though it has a feature where whatever is in your clipboard at that time can be added to the list quickly; this is still a problem if: A| You did not copy the url before entering options, B|The snippet url does not include "http://")

❎advanced features
features that an add-on like this should contain:
>documentation of how to create, edit, and format, importable lists.
helpful information
creating, editing, formatting, and importing lists.

application to use: notepad
file extension: txt
add-on required save location: none (can be saved anywhere, as long as the file is accessible)
file name syntax: none (as long as the file is a txt file, it can be saved with any title you wish)
list formatting (lines with an "*" are required and must be typed exactly as what is typed after the "|" ) (lines with "#" are formatting templates aka syntax. "{ }" are to be replaced by the website you are blocking.)(a line marked with "^" means repeat line above as much as needed):
*Line1| [BlockSite]
(ex: http://www.bing.com)

after finding the txt file, a text box appears asking if you want to append or replace the existing entries.

if importing a new list with no previous entries: select replace

if importing a new list to an existing list of entries( no duplicate urls): select append

if importing an edited (exported) list to the original (unedited) list: select replace

if using 2 different lists, export the combination and edit the entries this way or else you will have to append the edited file and erase the original entries one at a time.

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Its usefully for blocking formerly good site gone bad (like domain sold to adware).

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Very good addon but as someone said before it needs a right-click menu integration or at least a button in the tool bar for quick access. If you add this then it's the perfect addon.

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I must disagree with "John Doe"'s assessment that it has "no unwanted features". It has one that I know of without having to use the addon: It mysteriously appeared on my Firefox browser today when I opened it. Instead of opening my home page, I was greeted to a page congratulating me for installing BlockSite Plus--but I did NOT install it. Hell, it wasn't even installed on my browser the last time I used it. Now, without my knowledge or consent, BlockSite Plus has installed itself and interrupted my schedule. I don't know what happened to cause the addon or the developer to think that I wanted or needed BlockSite Plus on my machine, but it doesn't excuse your arrogance and blatant disregard for my privacy and my right to choose and make my own decisions. It may be a great program for all I know; but I will never know, because you violated my privacy, and I will not have it! Rather that try it and see what a good addition it may be to Firefox, I am uninstalling it and warning others about the unethical way it was installed on my machine.

One question: Of all the people who use Firefox, why choose my browser to hack and my privacy to violate; or are you targeting ALL Firefox users?

Oh, and one more question in closing: Does Mozilla know that you use such unethical tactics to peddle your wares?
Donation to help? Not on your life!

Mozilla, you need NEGATIVE star ratings as well as positive.

Are you sure that you are referring to this addon or the addon named "BlockSite"


For a bit more information, that addon was sold by it's original developers to someone that has turned it into some sort of spyware. This addon is not "BlockSite" nor does it have those spyware features.

Hope this helps

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Works great, but wish there was a button on toolbar for quick access.

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No unwanted features, very light.

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Thanks to have corrected the initial draft. It really miss an icon in the statut bar to finish the work correctly now ;)

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It's better than BlockSite.

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Not very useful since requires manually adding the site to block.

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Hi there , the extension for my firefox , are awesome , the unique thing i need this do

its prevent's open tabs or windows , with the site in the blacklist.

The rest , the plugin works perfect for me :D

Chose It After Trying 4 Others — The Best In Blocking Bad Habits! Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

I tried 4 addons to limit access to time stealing websites. None of them worked better than this one. Some were fancier, some had more functions, some didn't work. This one does work and is easy to control. It gives me a blank screen where there used to be a website.
Update: I'm using Comodo Firewall content filter now to block websites..

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Works fine in FF 29.0.1.

Please add right-click capability or icon! Too complicated for fast work.

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sadly this add-on does not work

Funktionert nicht Bewertet mit 1 von 5 Sternen


Excellent for what it is. Bewertet mit 4 von 5 Sternen

BlockSite Plus is fine for someone who wants to block sites and url-specific ads and images *for themselves*. The password feature is a bit silly, but the complainers here overlook the fact that securing your computer from people who have direct access to it is neither promised or implied by the write up blurb.

There are a ton of different approaches and products that advertise controlling children's access to the internet, and this is NOT one of them.Among other things, I'm using it to block some annoying images (e.g.; yahoo added a useless background image to their calendar that makes it hard to read). Firefox's image-blocking will not let you get any more specific than blocking an entire site's images, while this ad-on can bock a specific url or portion of a url.

It's biggest fault, as others have mentioned, is that you apparently have to go all the way into the ad-on menu to get to preferences. It really needs options for a toolbar button and right-click context menu. They might as well remove the password feature while they're at it, it is misleading.

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@Whistlerdan is right this is stupid .. you said it is a security for websites but why it's own security doesn't work?! how are we going to stay our computers secured with stupid sites if your blocksite can be remove already without saying "identification please" or somewhat!!! even the options what if they figure it out ....... what if they delete all of the blocked sites? do you think when i put them back to blocked sites they will still think of what is happening? think of it you fools!!!

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Blocks DNS queries, redirects, in-page content, and searches, but has an infinite unstoppable page load when trying to search a banned term from within a search engine (tested on Google). Needs an icon for faster access. When blocking pages that refresh content, there should be an option to disable multiple messages for the same site. Perhaps add a quick option to whitelist or blacklist a page after going to it that doesn't require copy/paste (like clicking on an icon and choosing blacklist or whitelist, perhaps based on the what BlockSite Plus is currently being used as). Overall a good extension that could use some work.

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I love this extension, but wish there was a quick taskbar button instead of the convoluted means of getting there. After all, the point is eliminating distractions and inconvenience. Aside from that, this is an excellent tool. Thank you.

If it can be disabled by anyone what is the use of password Bewertet mit 1 von 5 Sternen

If it can be disabled by anyone what is the use of password
it is best method to block unwanted sites but the problem is less security like,it can be disabled and remove by any one if there is a method please post it i was trying to solve by about:config option but it cant hide extension tab