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  • 安装之后体验了戒毒生活,你能清晰的感觉到网络带来的快感和戒断时的落差。Great!
  • Well, a very good add-on for blocking sites you don't want to visit, even if you enter by mistake. I recommend it!
  • It just randomly updated and now the websites I had blocked are now gone.
  • It's usefull, thanks you
  • It seems to work VERY well with ONE MAJOR EXCEPTION... yes you block the site, but you put a full screen window up bragging about it. Can't you just block it SILENTLY? (Or provide a switch for silent blocks of some known sites??)
  • I really needed this! Perfectly executed idea! Thank you. I have one question:

    - How can I change the work time? It's stucked on 25 min.

    Thank you!
  • does exactly what it need to do, in a relaxing way
  • Does exactly what I want it to. Love the whitelist feature.
  • Great tool when you try do some useful stuff and your facebook tab tells you "scroll me now, new post available".
  • useless in my firefox 64.0, is it too old?
    Hi, please email us at support@blocksite.co so we can help you with this issue. Thanks!
  • 网页被拦截后出现的界面不好看,希望像之前白白一片就很好。
    Hi, if you are experiencing a problem with the add on please email us at support@blocksite.co so we can help.
  • 分时段禁用指定网站真是太好用了,就是我需要的。我通过设置带follow和explore后缀的URL实现了不能浏览知乎时间线和发现页,但是能用知乎搜索问题的功能。既利用了知乎的学习功能,又不让无关信息浪费时间,简直完美。
    Thank you for your review!
  • It's not a site blocker, just an opened site closer. It opening every site - even of it's own blacklist (!!!) and closes it just when user discover and trying to explore new unwanted window. Useles.
  • The absence of an "options" button on the Firefox add ons page is absolutely maddening. I have to go on a ridiculous work-around to make changes to my blocklist. If it weren't for this, this would be a 5-star add on.
    Hi, all you have to do is click the extension icon and then click the settings icon at the top right corner. Then you can easily change your block list. If you still need help please write us at support@blocksite.co