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  • Does not save blocked web addresses between sessions.

  • Well done! But I can't add the site "https://level.travel/"

  • Works very well. Extremely pleased

  • thumbs up for blocksite!

  • Gets the job done. Exactly what I needed with no fuss.

  • It does a decent job of blocking distracting sites for a specified time range, but once the interval is over, I can access the sites themselves, but any links I try to open within the sites are still blocked (for example, I can access Facebook, but can't click any pages in my feed). How can I fix this without disabling the add-on altogether?

  • Does what it should! I love it!

  • I really liked this add-on for a day. Then I opened two windows on firefox and add-on was completly useles on the other window. I was able to reach blocked web sites. While this bug remains one star out of five will remain too.

  • good to use!!!

  • Quite good, but I'm affraid there's a bug :
    In "white list mode" [not so easy to find out because list still appears as "block sites" ;-) ] the protection is not active any more when one opens a new (private) window !
    Hope you'll find a patch soon :-p Thanks you for this tool anyway.

  • en ocaciones no funciona....y no se explica como bloquear paguinas por genero (porno).

  • Rubbish extension! My kids can still access blocked sites! I set a parental control with a password I am CERTAIN of yet it says again and again that it's the wrong password. So now my kids can still use the 'blocked' pages and I can't get into the controls. Bye bye silly app.

  • very nice add on works fine

  • It works exactly as described and it blocks what I need it to block.

  • Please fix Active Hours. I have to manually switch off the extension at the end of my working day!

  • good

  • Funny and great in use.
    Checked if it works...one...two...three times^^

  • Active hours doesn't seem to work. Will amend review if it's fixed.

  • It blocks sites, right click and a hostile site is blocked there after. It works.

    One improvement I would like is to be able to structure the sites that I block so that when the sites reappear with a slightly different name e.g the http://safety.microsoft.com..... etc sites I could add http://safety.microsoft.com.* and block them all

  • i love this its great a website called 403 forbidden or something always used to come up witch had pictures of disgusting things so my brothers/cousins and friends used to laugh at me and i got in big trouble, it used to automatically open and thanks to this it'll never come up again thanks allot its great that's why i rated it A BIG FIVE

  • very nice

  • This thing works!!

  • Works very well.

  • Doesnt save the blocked sites.If I close Firefox then re-open it I have to import the block sites again

  • It's really great! One thing: I have not been able to figure out the active time intervals. Maybe it's me or maybe it's not working. Other than that, this is great!