Great Addon, certainly a must-have! but it can be improved Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

I have been using this addon for a while now, and after "playing around" with it more and digging deeper into supercookies i do have 2 suggestions:

1. having an option to protect certain lso's instead of the entire folder, for example; stores 4 cookies while only 1 stores the stream settings, but they are all in the same folder so i cannot get rid of the 3 without also deleting the 4th one that i need to keep

2. many websites overwrite the default flash "settings.lso" to include their own and/or other "visited" websites and can change the camera/mic/etc.. settings in it, an option to protect this default lso from being overwritten would be great, and i might just have figured out how to do it manually;

When i make the default lso "read-only" it adds a new file called "settings.sxx" every time a website tries to overwrite it but cannot, this file contains the settings and domains it has tried to overwrite the default lso with, therefor making this new "settings.sxx" file read-only too (after copying and pasting the content from your non-overwritten default lso), it will not add another file when a website fails to overwrite the default one (nor the .sxx one for that matter)

also, a more personal matter; the checkbox in the flash manager on for unchecking thrid-party lso access is unavailable for me, and i cant seem to figure out why (did they make this option unavailable on purpose in the latest flash releases or is it on my end?), flash is updated and i am using the latest version of PaleMoon x64 (firefox based), i presume "allowThirdPartyLSOAccess" will be "disallowThirdPartyLSOAccess" to effectively disable it in the default lso? changed it anyway with .sol editor

Thank you for your time and effort making this wonderful addon!

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Thanks for your suggestions!
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