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Want to Add Hundreds of Advertising Cookies permanently to your browser. Then this app is for you!!!

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Always used commercial (Albine add) or non-commercial version (1st one I install) on both Windows or Ubuntu. Never ever had no problems. Adds don't track us, it stops showing articles we have looked at in sites. Adds can't be deleted or internet would be null, but adds can be prevented from tracking us and showing us articles we have seen. And that is what I want. Very good anti-tracking.

This is not the addon you're looking for - don't use this. Bewertet mit 1 von 5 Sternen

To anyone considering using this addon, I urge you not to. The main problem is that it does little or nothing to protect your privacy or stop you from being tracked by tracking cookies!

It's not really the fault of the developer, who I'm sure has nothing but good intentions. The problem is that these "opt-out" cookies are very misleading about what they actually are. If you read the fine print of virtually every privacy policy regarding these cookies, you'll find that they promise not to display targeted ads to you, based on your personal web history. That is, you'll see ads that a person would see if they were not being tracked. However THEY STILL TRACK YOU!! They never promise that they won't track you, just that they won't show you personalized ads based on their data. They still use these opt-out cookies to track your movements, what sites you visit, what you click on, what you buy, and so on. They use that data for their own marketing purposes, or to sell to other companies. So in terms of privacy, this addon is not only virtually useless, but harmful, because it gives people the false idea that somehow their privacy is being protected, when it's not.

If you don't want to be tracked, then don't accept any cookies from advertisers, and if you don't want to see ads, then use an adblocker. Adblock plus with a privacy subscription would be a good start for both of these; there are many other options too. Unfortunately Beef Taco (or any of the related "TACO" addons) is simply the wrong approach, and is almost certainly not what you want. It has a long history and may have been useful in the past when there were no other options, but now there are. With all due respect, the developer should do the right thing, and retire it from the Addons web site. It's had a good run, and the work is appreciated, but it's time to let people move on to other more effective solutions.

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I am adding this for now to see how well it works. I am very interested and I am sure most would be in Privacy Watchdog explaining more regarding his/her statement about "redirect everything to a blackhole address" so you don't need these types of addons. Hope to hear from you!

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Sehr gutes und einfach zu nutzendes Datenschutz-Addon. Sollte in keiner FF-Installation fehlen!
Von den negativen Bewertungen einiger Online-Marketing-Lobbyisten sollte man sich nicht blenden lassen.

Use Selectivecookiedelete instead!! Bewertet mit 1 von 5 Sternen

I decided to check out selectivecookiedelete & this side by side. Suddenly I noticed that I had LOADS of tracking cookies! I cleared them all, but they all came back when I reopened Firefox. As it turns out, this add-on puts ad folders into my cookie folder! Selectivecookiedelete, on the other hand, doesn't and can be set munch away all the cookies whenever you close Firefox--very nice & convenient! So, in short, skip this add-on & go with Selectivecookiedelete. You'll thank me later...

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It gets a 3 star:
So far everyone I know has tried to actually USE this product. It was installed. But now it is a ghost. Or missing or just playing hide and go seek.

Unnecessary tacky measures Bewertet mit 2 von 5 Sternen

By adding a ridiculous number of opt-out cookies, this add-on makes useless other add-ons trying to fine tune the way you control the cookies in your system. After beef taco is done with it, your computer will be full of cookies (even if they are opt-out), and add-ons like Cookie Killer will have a hard time getting their way around. If you were trying to check in detail what cookies were being stored in your computer, forget all that if you add this.
Apart from that, there are other issues here:
-the opt-out cookies left by this add-on will also be removed as "normal" cookies, making them useless if you decide to clean your system.
-the opt-out cookies are only useful if the ad companies decide to actually respect them!
In order to avoid unwanted ads as well as tracking, I'd recommend Ghostery, the above-mentioned Cookie Killer, Cookie Monster or other similar extensions that you can actually control while learning, rather that filling your system with "pieces of taco". Although beef taco might be useful for lazy people or those who don't wish to know how things work.
Alas, after removing this extension, now the hard part comes trying to put order in the chaos left behind...

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Has worked for me under every version of Firefox with WinXP. And Firefox doesn't delete the cookies (despite the 27 Sep review).

You can force add-on compatibility by adding a new boolean preference in about:config "extensions.checkCompatibility.9.0" and setting it to false (Where "9.0" is your major Firefox version, put a "b" on the end if you're using a beta).

LOL @Adobe Info. Systems Managers who write negative one-star reviews against FF add-ons that disable targeted user advertising Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

This is a follow up to what user cuvtixo posted in his review on July 2, 2011 in which he pointed out the absurdity of the analogy user chastongordon made in his one-star negative review of this add-on posted on May 10, 2011. chastongordon likened vendors of targeted advertising and other browsing tracking cookies to the owners of local neighborhood cornerstores, claiming it is stupid to want ads served to you "at random."

A simple web search makes it obvious why user chastongordon would want to spread such disinformation around the internet... it's his job! He is Sr. IS Manager of ADM Group at Adobe Systems Inc. who have been abusing their use of cookies and LSOs for targeted user advertising for years.

I personally find it funny that Senior Adobe employees are trolling around the internet trying to spread fake reviews espousing opinions that are tantamount to propaganda that seeks to sustain their dubious business practices. Adobe has the market cornered with Flash at the moment, but their grip on that position is about to slip. Companies have grown sick and tired of Adobe's lazy practices that have lead to a host of software vulnerabilities and crappy bloated software, and they have already begun to pull the plug on Adobe. I personally can't wait for that sleazy company to fail completely.

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For FF 6x, Vista x64 SP2, I noticed a lack of functionality that BT cookies added to exceptions (loaded ea time FF is started). If I choose "delete all cookies" of course it deletes BT's, too - generally not desired.

Is there a way to protect BT's cookies, when deleting other, so don't have to close / restart BT to reload it's cookies?
If there's nothing currently out there that would allow doing what I suggest, perhaps could include this as feature in future BT versions?

My reasoning is, if visited a # of sites (not in BT cookie list) & want to clear all those cookies, but DON'T want to manually del those sites' cookies, one by one, AND DON'T want to del cookies - close FF, then restart so BT cookies will reload, there's no way to protect BT cookies in current session - AFAIK.


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Doesn't work of FF6. Eagerly waiting for an update. :)

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Updated the compatibility

Hey, sorry about that! Firefox is just moving too fast for me these days :-)

I just updated compatibility, it should work once the site syncs up. Please don't hesitate to file any bugs you find.


Notice: It just sets opt-out cookies. Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

As the pro-advertising person below wrote, it has nothing to do with ad removal. It just helps you with {{reputable}} advertisers that respect opting out. Having worked in online advertising since the beginning, I can say with certainty that information on you will still be tracked, because hey guess what? They are Capitalists whose lunch money comes from tracking your surfing and shopping habits.

Again: It just sets opt-out cookies! And the add-on does exactly what it claims to.

If you don't want to see or participate in advertising, targeted or not, you need to put some effort into it. Downloading a couple FF extensions will not just magically make it all go away. I suggest you search on running local proxy server with redirection. (I filter 95% of ad servers from actually talking to my machines. I redirect everything to a blackhole address, and under these circumstances these cookies will *never be read* by their servers as no computer behind my firewall's redirect rules actually contact these machines. In this respect, Beef TACO is "useless" to me and others who do the same.)

If you're running naked however, it's better than nothing. Although you're still trusting Capitalist marketers and advertisers to honor something you have no ability to verify. Yea, sure. Got it?

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The "local store owner" didn't want to go through my underwear drawer, as tracking cookies seem to do. They definitely try to sell me non-existent services in my home town. That was getting old. I find no slow-down in FF either. I suspect that claim is completely made up. The fact that frivolous complaints are posted here makes me suspect Beef Taco really is effective, and making enemies among web advertisers. Thanks, JMHobbs!

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I'm with chastongoron on this one. Also, i found this addon to be totally useless, never seemed like it did anything and my firefox was dead slow, once i removed it, everything seemed better

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impossible à lire pour moi Bewertet mit 3 von 5 Sternen

Ce serait bien si on pouvais le lire en Français ?

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Good addon, installs cookies and just does its job without any user input. I know opt-out cookies work passively (i.e. they tell websites not to track you - I can see them in the cookie options dialogue) but is there any visual way of telling they are 'actively' working?

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전 컴에대해서 잘 모릅니다 그래서 일단 경험해 보구 는 싶으나 아무거나 까라놓으면 컴이 오래돼서 속도가줄거나 컴이 요상해질까봐 걱정이 되서...ㅋㅋㅋㅋ그래도 평점들이 좋으니까 도움 감사합니다..

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After the bloating of the original TACO i was worried to find a such great addon than the original TACO.
Great job :)
Sadly the list is not often updated

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