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koshiua: that's just ONE feature of bartab. The most important feature for me is that new tabs opened in the background DO NOT load which keeps firefox fast and memory footprint low. Unloading of tabs (manual and automatic) is also an awesome feature that no other extension has so far that i know of.

If only someone could take over this addon and update it and fix any remaining bugs.

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Does BarTab work in Firefox 11?

I suspect it is not because the option of not loading tabs when opened in the background dosen't work for me.

It loads and also switches focus to it. It did not do this in Firefox 10.

There might be a compability issue with All in one-sidebar & tree style tab but disabling both doesn't change the "faulty" behaviour of BarTab in Firefox 11.

To everyone else, please test bartab with all in one-sidebar & tree style tab in firefox 11 and report back if you experience the same behaviour.

If someone other than the original author can issue a fixed bartab version (if it really is bartab that's at fault here) it would be extremely appreciated.