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  • For Full Version up-to-date BarTab, see BarTab Heavy here:

    @Bee Dee 666 Loosing unloaded tabs is one very good reason why it is HIGHLY recommended to use a Session Manager. Check out this very popular one:
  • Unloading old tabs makes a lot of sense for long sessions and should be default behavior. Only problem is it always refreshes tabs when loading which can cause page results to change while UnloadTab has the option to load from cache.
  • I'm coming from "Loads tabs progressively" addon which was better suited to my use since you were still able to load some tabs at the same moment instead of only 1 with bartab. Also bartab seems to break undo close tab feature. When I undo close a tab, the tab doesn't load even if I select it. I've to manually refresh the tab to get it loading.
  • it's a good plugin.
  • @StuKClick on Version Information, See complete version history, and download BarTab 2.1b2.xpi, it works fine with FF 17.0.1 ESR.
  • If there is only one add-on to use for power-users, that will be this one! Mozilla is mindless to not integrate this features natively in Firefox. No longer supported but there is a more or less pretty good Fork of it under the name "BarTab 4", let's check out ;)
  • Bartab 4 causes problems with Tiletabs 7.1--the tiled tabs unload after a little while and then Tiletabs becomes unresponsive. If this is fixed, I will start to reuse Bartab 4. Thanks anyway to midgo.
  • While Bartab4 may not have ALL of the original Bartab features working.

    For me it still does NOT load previously open tabs until I click on them and it still UNLOADS them after the 3 minute time limit I have set.

    These two features that still work for me even with firefox 16 beta make it a very useful addon.

    It can be obtained here.



    Try it and see.
  • The auto unloading and no loading of background tabs makes Firefox lean and mean!

    I had been missing this extension for a long time, so I decided to see if anyone had updated it. I found a working fork on github:


    It has been working great on Firefox 14.
  • But I have a small suggestion for the rightclick-menu. How about an option to "unload all tabs to the left/right"

    Make it happen.. GET THIS ADD-ON
  • koshiua: that's just ONE feature of bartab. The most important feature for me is that new tabs opened in the background DO NOT load which keeps firefox fast and memory footprint low. Unloading of tabs (manual and automatic) is also an awesome feature that no other extension has so far that i know of.

    If only someone could take over this addon and update it and fix any remaining bugs.
  • The most convincing proof of the greatness of this idea is that BarTab functionality migrated into Firefox.
    Since Firefox version 4, you could set browser.sessionstore.max_concurrent_tabs to 0, and you would essentially have a built-in BarTab (or you can use BarTab Lite).
    Starting with the Firefox 8 the new preference is called browser.sessionstore.restore_on_demand (set it to true). Moreover this preference is exposed to user!

    ====> Go to Preferences/Options dialog => General and enable checkbox "Don't load tabs until selected". <====

    Don't wait new versions of BarTab anymore!
  • Was one of the most invaluable addons for Firefox 3.6.

    Now with the whole 3.6 being deprecated and everyone forced to upgrade to 12 (I did so after my own testing in VM to try and get the browser functioning as much as possible like 3.6), I have to report on this addon.

    The stock addon version does not work properly.

    The development channel version does not work properly.

    There's a version on github which works better, almost perfect, aside from one critical flaw; it doesn't switch tabs properly after unloading one. It's either supposed to do nothing or go to the next active tab. Currently, all it does is open the tab directly to the right of the tab you've unloaded.

    The '4' version from a recent reviewer does not fix this issue either.

    Sadly, unless someone else takes this up (unlikely), the addon will have this critical problem which will severely affected my browsing habits.

    As much as I hate 4+ and want to stay on 3.6, I can't deal with it anymore. More and more sites are not supporting it, it has no new technology, and with the latest Flash player it has crashing issues.

    Why do things get abandoned? :(
  • I recently discovered this addon and installed the non-compatible developers built in ff 11. I find this idea amazing and the best solution to ff's memory issues. Unfortunately the addon is not supported anymore and its not working as it should in the newer ff versions. If someone could take over the development of this addon I believe thousands of ff users would be happier.
    I m reporting below 2 bugs I discovered which make this addon unusable hoping someone may be interested to take over this but also as a warning for those thinking to install it.
    1. (Major bug). Moving a tab to a new (existing) window makes window/tab/bookmark/session managing impossible. This is the strangest bug I ever encountered with an addon. The moved tab takes the address of the 1st tab in the window where it moved, the page stays the same but the tab name changes to "new tab" and the adress changes to the adress of the first tab in the window. The tab cannot be refreshed/reloaded either by the toolbar button or F5, the tab address cannot be changed/edited/copied, the tab cannot be bookmarked or stored in a session. I 've lost tens of sessions because of this bug before figuring out what was happening (moving 10-20 or more tabs to a new window to save a session resulted in a session with only 1 tab stored from the new window).
    2. (Minor bug). Chosing to re-open a previously closed tab opens the last 3 closed tabs instead of only the 1 selected.
  • Great application, in order to use it with newest version of firefox you have to click on a "development channel" at the bottom of the screen and install it from there.
  • Great add on. I LOVE IT! My favourite add on. It sadly DOESN'T work with Fire Fox 11 :C

    Is there any alternative to it / way to get it to work with Fire Fox 11? If not I guess I will go back to Fire Fox 3.6.
  • Hello, Philipp!
    I'm think, this addon can be finally usefull if you may add to it a set of small features. I describe it below. I mean it for BarTab as basic Extension, but do not BarTab Lite!
    1. Very reasonable for using it if mouse' double click on some Tab switch on/off status this Tab, i.e. load it now or unload Tab' content.
    2. BarTab can be do not controlling any *:* (alike about:config) Tabs. Because it is Setup Tabs, and it haven't any big memory leaks... (As optional, it can be controlling as Lite mode: any 'Control Tabs' can be load on opening at time user's initialing this Tab, if user do mouse click on it...)
    Many-many Thanks! :)
    P.S. About reasons p.2. I'm prefer having permanently opened 3-4 Control Tabs as fixed. (You will be able to understand me better if you're 'a tab addict'. ^)) Now I need reloading these tabs just click F5...
  • @drhouse
    quoting from http://philikon.wordpress.com/2011/12/02/the-future-of-bartab/

    "Since Firefox 8, you can tell Firefox to only load your tabs on demand, just like with BarTab. You can find this setting in the Firefox options/preferences dialog:"

    "As far as BarTab’s future is concerned, there might be hope. People have forked it on GitHub and apparently made it work (great work, whoever you are!), other people have made XPIs with fixes available. This is awesome, but I can’t just merge their work and release it. At least I don’t want to put my name on something that I haven’t thoroughly reviewed and tested. But, if somebody else wants to take than on, I’d be more than happy to hand the keys to BarTab over. Please get in touch with me if you’re interested!"
  • Bar Tab is a great extension for keeping Firefox running quickly! It does so by allowing the user to easily set permanent (though changeable) limits on which tabs are currently using computer memory.

    NOTE: Firefox is presently in a cycle of frequent upgrades that has resulted in Bar Tab's author not keeping up its compatibility with the newer Firefox versions. This is easy to understand, especially given that creating Firefox modifiers (extensions) is nearly always a volunteer, non-profit effort.

    Fortunately, folks like MIDGO (see following reviewer) have stepped in with advice and/or modified extensions that are slight modifications of Bar Tab itself. They've simply patched the Bar Tab design so it will work with some of the newer Firefox versions. This saves the rest of us from having to create the same patch ourselves (which we otherwise would do because the Bar Tab "mod" is worth it!).

    Please ignore the little review ruckus that follows further below. People can forget how to be gracious sometimes. Suffice to say that all Firefox extensions (including Bar Tab) are usually small yet often very useful modifications. Virtually all of them are created and shared in the true spirit of generosity that pervades the entire field of "open source" hobbyists.

    Additionally, Firefox extensions are generally such small modifications that even hackers with very little knowledge of programming (coding) can devise them. Sometimes when they do they don't stamp the correct nomenclature (i.e., version numbering sequence) on them before uploading them to be shared by the rest of us, but hey, no worries, virtually all of us appreciate and join-in their shared efforts just the same.
  • 5 stars to correct strange thing that last "reviewers" during their dick comparisons^W^W review process rates this addon by 1 while it still works and works fine. (on the applicable versions).

  • Ok, I wanted to give people a heads-up on this addon's situation. Here's how things have happened to the best of my knowledge:

    - philiKON created BarTab. He has a github page at https://github.com/philikon/BarTab which was last modified on March 22, 2011.

    - fhoech is a coder who significantly modified BarTab. He also has a github page at https://github.com/fhoech/BarTab which was last modified on December 23, 2011. His latest update note says, "Bump maxVersion to 99." This means if you compile his version, you will be able to use it on any version of Firefox.

    - Barleyman, on November 10, 2011, first mentioned fhoech's github experiment with instructions on how to compile it.

    - I, myself, drhouse on November 10, 2011, using Barleyman's instructions, compiled and uploaded a new version which I named BarTabv3, according to fhoech's install.rdf version, for others to download and also use, here: http://www.mediafire.com/?7zhs6h11vii7zi4
    It has close to 1000 downloads at this time.

    - Sometime during this, I was made aware that another user named firefox.ext had authored an addon called UnloadTab, which basically did all that BarTab does. It seemed that the author was going to update and maintain the code for that project and so switching over made sense.

    - However, checking today as of January 23, 2012, it seems UnloadTab has been discontinued. I have left a review message about UnloadTab to the author on another one of his addons and will wait to see if he replies. *He has replied - UPDATE BELOW

    - Another user, midgo, has recently uploaded a minor updated version, which may be useful to some, however he has also been behaving in two misleading and unhelpful ways. The significance of this behaviour... is just that since nobody is authoritatively taking ownership of this addon, there are no admins or mods, it's up to the users to behave responsibly... and so it is shameful when someone wanting an ego-boost or to feel important purposefully spreads misinformation for their own gain out of the confusion. First, he has been acting like a coder by requesting that users give feedback about performance, which would imply he has the ability to do something about it, when he doesn't. Already some users have fallen for this misleading fakery as evidenced by their responses to him. Unless shown otherwise, it is fair to assume the uploader is not an actual coder who can make significant updates to the addon, as his profile page shows zero addons developed and his only 2 comments have been links to the addon that was uploaded, he should not be especially trusted. Second, in the coding world, the revision number should not be increased with as such a minor modification, it falsely creates the impression to users that there has been a significant upgrade in the code's behaviour itself. The uploader, not being a real coder, does not know this already or is acting ignorant in a self-serving scummy way. We also don't know if it is a compiled version from fhoech's github page, it might as well be. As it is still exactly the same as BarTabv3, with the small change allowing it to be version free by adding asterisks, skagon is correct in that it should not actually be given a new revision number, but would more accurately be called BarTabv3.1 or BarTabv3b.

    - As for development on a tab unloading addon for the future, it seems we're stuck, having no active contributors or developers working on it, with fhoech being the closest. We need philiKON, fhoech or firefox.ext to return, as they are actual coders who can significantly improve and author updates, as need be, for either addon. Having said that however, both addons seem to work fine and are sufficient for my browser needs, at least for the present time being.

    *UPDATE - I just received a response from firefox.ext, the author of UnloadTab, which can be read here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/tabby2/reviews/332163/
    He has detailed reasons why UnloadTab will no longer be maintained and says "Although development hasn't officially ceased, I make no promise regarding a future release."
  • One of the reasons I'd hold on to older FF iterations, is I NEED BarTab.

    When I read that there was a BarTab for FF 9.0.1 (and, beyond), I was THRILLED.

    And, best of all - it WORKS - beautifully.

    Thank you - Phikon, mdigo, et al involved, for making one of the simplest, most important addons shine!
  • @midgo
    since you asked for performance reports i'll tell you what I found out: whenever I close a tab, instead of switching to the nearest loaded tab as I set in the preferences, it just switched to the next tab (but this may be due to some conflict with tabmix plus)
  • I truly appreciate the work you did and I thank you warmly ! I tested your plugin on Firefox 9.0.1 and it works very well so far.
  • UnloadTab is the "Up & Coming" answer to Firefox 8! I am thrilled that Mozilla finally listened to our howls about memory overload when feeding our multi-tab addiction. But still no ability to unload old tabs. Voila! -- "UnloadTab."

    Bartab was working for me with FFx 7. However, when I upgraded to FFx 9 I was out of luck. I enabled it with Add-on Compatibility Reporter. But, alas, no options button in Bartab. Hunh???

    So thanks for the great years of service, Bartab! 5 stars for our time together. It's been great.

    Update: UnloadTab does not seem to free up memory when the tabs are unloaded. Not sure what's going on there.