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I can only assume from the lack of communication and updates, that the developer has ceased work in this add-on.

Unfortunately Barlesque has become very buggy in the most recent versions of firefox. And it will of course cease working completely once Australis, the new default theme for firefox, lands (if everything goes according to plan, this will happen in Firefox 29) and removes the add-on bar completely.

I invite everyone to try my own add-on, called "The Puzzle Piece", which is similar in functionality to Barlesque, although its interface is somewhat different; I like to think it's better, but I'm biased of course. :) TPP is fully functional in the current version of firefox, and is already compatible with Australis builds by adding back the add-on bar.

I'm sorry for the spam, but I believe my add-on now becomes a necessary alternative to Barlesque, which is very buggy already and will stop working completely in the very near future.