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The idea of using a single key for navigation is crazy, but especially making it a commonly used key instead of something more obscure. It's possible to disable the backspace key with about:config, but for average users this add-on would be helpful. The backspace navigation can break some applications like the MCDU emulator available on where it overrides the "correct" backspace key behavior (to erase what was "typed"). It does this because the user is not really typing in a text box, so Firefox does not behave appropriately. If you want to navigate back you can use your mouse or you can use Alt+LeftArrow so how does reducing that two key combination to just one key represent an advantage except for users who are missing some fingers? While I can see providing accessibility is very important, I don't think that it should be implemented in a way that will disadvantage many users. Unfortunately disabling the crazy slash key behavior seems to be a lot harder to disable and this is probably even more annoying than the backspace problem.

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Just answering difabor's question, since the developer won't. The backspace shortcut key is a pre-assigned command, when you press the "BackSpace" key on your keyboard. By default, it's the same as pressing the "Back" button in your navigational toolbar (goes back one page in your history and loads the last page visited). It does NOT trigger, if an input box, etc. is active and I've never had, nor heard of anyone else having, a problem with this.... Very confused on how Grant calls this the "Single best extension ever" (Is that a real review.. seriously?).

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Is it possible to explain what does it mean backspace shortcut that this extension disables?
I see that 1611 users installed it.
I don't find any difference in behaviour after installing this extension. Can somebody explain a little bit more about it?

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The backspace shortcut is exceedingly dumb. The change in behavior from this extension should be standard. Many thanks for a less-plagued browsing experience!