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Warum wurde "Back/Forward History Tweaks" geschaffen?

How many times you do a research on something, you have to go back and forth between visited websites, but browser only allow you go 7 pages back or forward at one time. Or even worse, if you submit 8 times a POST form, you won't be able go back to the initial page without resubmitting that form again (ok, this last one is no longer valid, FF 10 handles it differently and shows "page is expired" instead, but it was one of the inspiration reasons for such extension).
I could never understand why Mozilla developers not only don't want add ability control how many items user wants to have in that dropdown menu, but made it nearly impossible for developers change that number.

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Fix when pressed up/down key at opened popup, move from the current item, not from the top of the list.

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Name V@no
Homepage http://vano.org/
Benutzer seit December 31, 2007
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