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  • I'd love if there was an option to copy the RSS URL to the system clipboard!
  • Works great with the Nextcloud News app.
  • Kein Import vorhandener Fedds aus dem Lesezeichenordner
  • unfortunatley this addOn is not useful anymore. You can see if there is a RSS feed on a side. But that's it. If you choose one you see the source of XML Code.

    Live bookmarks are very important for MY use of the internet.

    I really prefer Palemoon menawhile, a browser which don't steal you useful functions.
  • Simply: does not work the senseful way P.S. and with RSSpreview too. P.P.S. I don't want the whole web page with RSS list to see! It's just stupid counterpart of news page of a site. Totally useless addon.
  • "Awesome RSS" + "RSSPreview" is a great fix for Firefox 64+.
  • Was Great While it lasted. Thank You to the Developers for this Brilliant Add-on! Its not Their Fault Mozilla withdrew Rss capability from the Bookmarks! Shame on you Mozilla!
  • A great extension to detect "hidden" feeds in pages using RSS Autodiscovery format.