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Autofill Forms is very handy to use for simple form filling. Though there is some space for improvements for more advanced form filling:

1. Assistance for defining dynamic tags
As a web developer sometimes I have to fill out a form with different values for each time I'm filling out the form for checking the form validation or e. g. for simply not getting conflicts of entering the same email address two times. To do so I have to define several little JavaScripts as dynamic tags in Autofill Forms creating random values. Besides random values I often want to insert resp. select a value of a specific list of options like for cities or countries.
Therefore I'd suggest a wizard for dynamic tag editing, especially for creating random values or lists of available field values.

2. Advanced documentation
Filling forms with pre-defined values as trivial as it sounds is not not that easy sometimes (see above). That's why the documentation on the mozdev website could be extended and have some more examples. Especially the most important parts like the field rules, the alternatives and the advanced editor itself are having a lack of documentation and examples.

3. Internal form filling tester
To test the defined form field rules it would be great to have an integrated preview, that generates a form with the specific form fields to show the user how the defined rules apply.

4. UI enhancements
- In the advanced editor there should be a button, that opens a dialog for selecting the defined dynamic tags.
- In the dynamic tag editor the text fields to define a JavaScript rule should expand to a text area when focused
- Allowing drag & drop for profiles and form field rules list

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