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  • Absolutely NOTHING happens when I press the button.
  • for god's sake, idk why people give 1 star....this add-on is purrfect!
  • Was easy to use with right click menue; now it needs to read the how to which is not understandable at first view, and even after that it stays complicated. That´s usability at it´s worst. Tipp: Use AddOn "Autofill" instead, that´s like the old Autofill Forms. I tested and it works flawlessly ..
  • helpfull
  • Once configured, it works flawlessly.
    Two disadvantages, though:
    1. Login-Data are stored unencrypted.
    2. No export function. You have to go the hard way and find the "storage.js" via Windows Explorer.
  • This Add-on save my life
  • Really great. Took me a bit to become familiar with the CSS Selectors. It would be extremely helpful if we were able to set up multiple profiles for each URL. Thanks
  • I think you need to make it more difficult to use - I actually managed to make one field work.

    How are we supposed to know what the field names are?
  • I like that the input rules are flexible enough to understand most web forms. The inputs are very similar to regular expressions. If you don't know what that means, this is not the form-filler for you.

    What would give this 5-stars, is the ability to export form rules, AND support for multiple profiles (Home, work, School, etc).

    The "Rules" window on the options page is too small. Even with a 24" monitor, I can't see more than 9 rules at a time because they are in a frame.

    There is no way to sort or group rules. There might be several ways web designers chose to ask for state. I'd like to be able to put all the state rules together, for instance.
  • Super. Долго перебирал все похожие допы только это подошло более менее.
  • It's work good, but could you support multi-profile of rules? thx.
  • plz add export function
    thx a lot!!!
  • It's quite hard to use. I just need a hotkey to save form. And another hotkey to restore form.
    Or another testcase: save all input automatically. When I come back to this form again it appears filled.
    But this addon need user to fill every textbox manually.
  • Works in 90% percents of cases, don't know why (will add an example later)
    Quiet flexible: use any attribute of a DOM element to set "value" attribute.

    Here is an example:
    I'm trying to apply for a job on a game development studio website:

    The form and DOM elements look like that:

    As you can see all the fields was filled successfully, except the "website".
    Here is the selection row for such field:
    input[name*='web'], input[name*='url'], input[name*='work'], input[name*='link'], input[name*='Portfolio'], input[name*='portfolio'], input[name*='Url'], input[name*='site']

    Looks like "site" and and "link" should solve the problem. But it doesn't work at this particular form.
  • I'm really sorry but this is too complicated and hard to understand for even a reasonably confident computer user. All I want is an autofill form that fills out name address email etc. Is that possible?

    Re-joined Firefox because I agree with its ethos but this makes it hard when Chrome does it easily.