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It takes almost 2 minutes to sort my bookmarks. Each time I use it. Including when I launch Firefox. To prevent this shock at first use the auto-sort option should be turned off by default. I have almost 15 megabytes of bookmarks in my .json backup file. I have all my bookmarks since around 1998 (don't remember year for sure). :) There is a modified version of the SortPlaces addon that works for me with Firefox version 22: - it continues to sort all my bookmarks in less than 8 seconds. There is more info on it farther down the page here:,-SortPlaces-...-preserving-these-and-other-excellent-Firefox-add-ons.html - SortPlaces is open source and can be freely modified and distributed. Maybe you can combine Auto-Sort and SortPlaces, or just take over SortPlaces under the Auto-Sort name. Give credit of course to the original developer too.

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