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Thought your add-on would be the ultimate solution, but it's use is negated by a huge factor: When I drag a tab to the BM side folder and into the folder of choice, it is immediately placed in alpha order and is difficult to locate. This necessitates searching for it as the tab title nor the name in the search field may not be accurate. Once found I usually need to change the name to where the 1st word in alpha order has has significance..

What happens is after the name is changed it is again immediately auto moved and this is very very slow and the wait is forever. (Not certain if this could be related to another program reading the BM list such as Google, but I haven't been able to find any connection to BM's in Google.)

What is needed is to add a time delay into the movement from when the BM is 1st brought in until it is in fact moved, so that it can be located and renamed. Presumably this could be a choice in the options. Secondly why is FF so very slow after renaming and nothing can be done until after the BM is auto moved which can be up to a minute? This is very disconcerting when bringing in several BM's one after the other (such as when several tabs are to be bookmarked), and has caused me to disable the auto move in options which really defeats the purpose of the add-on.

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How many bookmarks do you have and what are the specs of your computer?
In the first versions of this extension, there were significant speed problems, but I managed to speed up the extension.
Are you using the last version?
My speed test is to import 1000 folders with 1000 bookmarks in each folder.
With this test, on my computer, Firefox is still usable while it is importing the bookmarks.
I thought this test had enough bookmarks for most use case.