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  • Really good extension, pls add sort by tag as an option
  • Just downloaded this. Couldn't get firefox sort to work. Put it in auto and everything is now sorted perfectly. Shouldn't have to use an add on when firefox has a sort button. They need to fix. Very happy now!
  • Tried tweaking the settings a few times and it never sorted anything.
  • I have 21 megabytes of bookmarks (.json file). This addon sorts them in a minute and a half. The "Sort Bookmarks" addon sorts them in 10 seconds (like the old SortPlaces addon did). So I now use the "Sort Bookmarks" addon.
    This add-on used to have delta sorting (sort only the changes). It currently sorts everything (not efficient but more stable). Just curious, if you re-import all your bookmarks, does "Sort Bookmarks" still only take 10 seconds? Anyway, I will consider adding delta sort back. Add a feature request on the GitHub site to remind me.
  • This thing SERIOUSLY lacking sorting by tags.
    Me too. Unfortunately, this will never happen due to Web-Extensions API not supporting tags. Read more here: https://discourse.mozilla.org/t/webextensions-api-currently-not-supporting-bookmarks-tags/22677
  • Settings page is a bit plain but it does the work. :-) Thank you for this little gem.
  • It would be great if Auto-Sort Bookmarks could have an option to ignore the Bookmarks Toolbar because the Most Visited folder gets moved from the left where I am used to it.
  • A great add-on, very similar to the old Sortplaces which I really missed.
    Just one thing - Recently Bookmarked is now at the bottom of my sidebar list - how to get it back to the top?
  • Great add-on :)
    How about a most recent visit option and maybe a sort now button
    More details:
    auto-sort bookmark 3.4
    I am wanting to auto sort in bookmarks not in the bookmark library (two different places)
    If you are talking within auto-sort bookmark the last visited is not an option ...
    for that matter there is no sort now button available in auto-sort bookmark options
    There is a sort now button (click on add-on icon, then "sort" button to sort now). There's an option to sort by last visit already. If you mean something different then post a feature request on the support site.
  • Very useful extension which works well. Please consider removing browsing history permission.
    Yes, there's a feature request for that in queue.