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  • Not working correctly with bookmark seperators. Bookmarks jump over separators everytime I'm moving them back to the desired spot. Otherwise it has worked as it should.
  • Great bookmark organizer!
  • This actually did nothing. No matter how I changed settings or clicked "sort" nothing happened.
  • no sorting by name or most visited
    the addon just messes up the bookmarks
  • Screewed everything! Now I cannot move my bookmark as i want: some bookmarks just simply want to move where I want. Now I'm stuck with unorganize bookmarks... thanks!
  • Doesn't let you sort manually.
  • Good job!
  • Auto-Sort Bookmarks 3.3 works now perfectly.

    Thanks very much Eric and long life to this extension.
  • I would give it a 5 but the update over-rode my previous configuration settings, and I had to do them all over again. Arrrgghh.
  • Irreplaceable!
  • ignores separators when sorting :(

    if fixed will give 5 stars
  • Works as advertised. (2018-06-10)
  • This is an excellent add-on with one big problem. It ignores separators when sorting.
  • No Android support, and no mention of it. That's more the fault of Mozilla, which barely tolerates Android, but it would be nice to know *before* installing the add-on.
  • When I place a tick for AutoSort in Firefox ESR52.8 , the SAVE botton seems unresponsive and the tick does NOT persist when Firefox is REopened.
  • The inactivity wait option really needs to be removed.

    Antwort des Entwicklers

    Write an issue on the support site and elaborate on why this is an issue for you.
  • As stated before, settings dialog showing up at every start is ANNOYING. Yes, I clear my history and cookies on exit but this is the only add-on that does that.
  • Says it's installed on my Android device but I can't do anything in the settings. I've used it on my laptop for ages and I was hoping it'd function on my phone... I was wrong.

    Antwort des Entwicklers

    Android is not supported.
  • Settings dialog comes up every time Firefox starts.
    The options are not stored though button is clicked.
  • Works very well. Provides a function one would think would be built into the browser. A recent update is asking for access to my browsing history, however, which is a little creepy. Don't understand how this would be necessary or enhance the extension's functionality. Would love an explanation. Until then, I've just refused the update.
  • This 3.2 version is now working much better with the exclude Folder option! However, the options page reappears every time the cookies are cleaned/deleted. Strange that settings are stored in a cookie when there is a dedicated Extensions storage defined for Firefox ...
  • the options page reappears everytime i start the browser even after i save the options time and time again so at the moment more trouble than it's worth

    edit - to reflect the review above about cookies , I had it set up to keep cookies but it still seems to happen anyway
  • Would be 5 star but why does it need the access my browsing history?

    Without accepting this I can not update the add-on.
  • The automatic sorting don't work with Firefox Quantum
  • Thanks so much for adding the Exclude Folder option! Been waiting for that before I installed the extension. Now that I have installed the extension, the Options page now is opening up in a new tab with EVERY launch of Firefox (latest version, BTW) and the Options settings also are being reverted back to their default settings! These are major issues that must be fixed before I can re enable the extension.