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  • does not work in version 8 , does anyone know a link ... ?
  • Very good.
    But does not work in version 7.01
  • @Ewinde

    See Auto Shutdown NG 0.7:


    It's same thing.
  • Auto Shutdown max version compatible is 3.6.*. Every time you update your firefox version, it will check.
    The modified version of this addon supports ff5. You just reinstall it.
  • This is baby poop (BS), why the hell firefox doesn't have this auto shutdown as built-in option?
    I mean, the effort of the users updating this plugin is awesome but it just means that firefox developers are not watching the needs of the users who use this browser...
    It would be very nice to contact them and say this ...
  • Figured this would happen, but I just updated to Firefox 5, and it's not working again (the FF4 Fix was great while it lasted). Thanks again to everyone who contributed to the most recent fixes.
  • For the people who made the Auto Shutdown usable in Firefox 4 - Thank you!
    This is featured in http://www.techiechips.com/auto-shutdown-after-download-firefox-4/
  • Thank you a very very lot for this update! For me, with this addon Firefox 4 became the best browser in the world again! ;)
  • @mancubus: I fixed the issue. @EwindePlease update your version. Thanks. New link: http://www.mediafire.com/?13pygpfh7lj531l
  • plz plz plz update it for FF4, this is the best of the best addon i have ever used.
    will b thankful for the FF4 compatabile version.
    thanx in advance.
  • Ewinde did a great job, it works for FF 4.01
    Thanks very much

    again :
  • I'm going to downgrade to my previous Firefox version, just to be able to use this insightfully crafted work of art. There are many forum entries on how to get rid of Firefox 4 for those who would choose to join in on the path back to sanity.
    Thank you for this add-on InBasic.
  • Thank you Ewinde!
    Will you consider to send this version to Mozilla add-ons
  • Good idea, but it shuts my PC down less than 50% of the time.
  • Adoro mas quero no FF4? PQP atualiza logo essa porra ¬¬
  • Please Nice add.... UPdate FF4
  • what about Firefox 4 ?
  • Update to Firefox 4 Please...
    this is nice Add-on!
  • PLEASE UPDATE to FF4 . . .
  • Don't bother trying anything in "A possible solution" below...
    None of the suggestions will work with this addon, it must be re-authored, and it doesn't look like that's going to happen.
    I wish someone would write another add that could do what this
    one did, STANDBY, HIBERNATE, or SHUTDOWN various computers/OSs when Firefox has finished with ALL downloads.
  • Please try this link which may help you solve your problem:
  • Please, update it for FF4.
  • I know the author isn't working on this add-on anymore but there is nothing like it for Firefox 4. Can somebody else update this ,or show how to make this compatible with Firefox 4?
  • It is very useful extension for anybody who wants download many files (especially via DTA). If you dont wanna wait until all files was dowloaded you must click one button on status bar or in DTA (if you set this option of course) and you can go to bed or do what ever you want cause PC will shutdown by itself. Nice work.