162 Bewertungen
  • Lo llevo desde que tengo Firefox
  • 亲,五分好评哦!
  • awesome totally awesome
  • Very good
  • Not a bad theme at all.
  • Fantastic Theme
  • Nicely balanced
  • Brightens things up nicely.
  • Excellent theme.
  • Абстрактная и вполне приличная обоина!
  • Nothing more to comment \m/
  • Gracias combina genial con el ke tengo en Chrome thank's nice very good!!
  • I gave it a 50/50 rating because I feel that there should be more "blending" or merging of colors; especially with FF 10 and higher, it's too much but not bad for FF 9 and lower! Great work though and nicely done! :)
  • Like it, thanks!
  • that`s my favourite now
  • love it!!it‘s so cooool!
  • Muy Bueno.
  • Muy buen tema, da ánimos....
  • Very nice colour blending. Just a little to bright on top right.
  • Great, love it.
  • The seam that is shown in the picture does not show up in the actual skin. I really like this persona. Fantastic work, silfiriel.
  • A really grate theme, would be verry nice if you could build it also for Thunderbird!!!
  • Мило. Разгружает верхнюю панель, и вкладки окончательно перестают мельтешить перед глазами, не отвлекая от созерцания контента.
  • nice !!!
    i love it !!
  • love it From Egypt
    so magical :))