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  • Thank you, great addon! Can you please add settings to use at navbar only digits without icon. Because digits in badge quite small for me((
  • The AMO page will benefit from an explanation of the permissions.

    (A previous review compared this extension with the Load Time extension.)
  • Faltou opção de colocar segundos
  • Why it doesn't work with privacy.resistFingerprinting enabled?
  • Why do you need the super-invasive "Access your data for all websites" permission?

    There are other page time extensions that don't need any special permissions at all (let alone one that allows you to track literally everything I do online). E.g.: this one https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/load-time/
  • This is exactly what I was looking for as a replacement for the page load timer in Extended Statusbar (which won't run under the new Firefox)
  • It's great, and a good alternative for Extended Statusbar, which is not supported on FF 57...

    Tip: can you update the load time on the icon second by second?: Sometimes I need to see how much time a page is not loading in real time, and I don't want to wait to the page get finished to know how much time it took.
  • Hard to tell when page loading complete. The icon should be ONE color while loading and ANOTHER COLOR when done loading.
  • Extension does not consider post-loading, when page reactivates activity indicator and actually is not loaded fully.
    Moreover, requires browser restart on uninstalling.
  • Отлично работает !
  • The bad kind of expansion. speed display is not visible on the panel. Change the color or add the ability to edit.
    Плохой вид расширения. Отображение скорости не видно на панели. Смените цвет или добавьте возможность редактировать.
  • Working great with the latest version of Fire/Waterfox
    Lightweight and useful. Also, loaded this page in a second.
  • Great idea. But open an amazon tab and all tabs slow down or freeze from time to time. Would be nice to be able to disable on certain websites to avoid the problem.
  • I didn't use this add-on in the past, but it sounds like it used to be displayed in the status bar. To show it now, click on customise in the options menu, and drag the "Page Load Time" tool the top bar.
  • Very useful plugin for getting a fast and easy indication of page loading times, including a breakdown in server, transfer and client processing. But since somewhere around Firefox v30 it has stopped functioning, the plugin no longer shows up, even if other plugins do get to show a status bar (which is no longer there normally).
  • Love this plugin. It is simple and informative. Not much more to say really.

    However, one feature I would like is the optiopn to hold the details panel on the screen. I am running two sites side-by-side and comparing page loads of both. I would like to see the 2 detail panels on the screen at the same time, then grab the screen for auditing purposes. However, as soon as I click the details icon on the 2nd browser, the 1st panel disappears.

    But still. good work.
  • Does what it says.
  • У этого дополнения начались проблемы. Перестал отображать скорость загрузки страниц. Начинает работать только после того, как выключаешь и потом снова включаешь.
  • Great addon and nice interface.

    5 stars, thanks!