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Warum wurde "AppTab Nav-B-Gone" geschaffen?

When I pin a tab I don't plan on browsing on that tab. Like if I pin Facebook, I don't need to navigate everything's right there for me on Facebook. So I thought, why not get rid of all these extra toolbars, and open up some more facebook room.

If you ever opened up the addon manager you notice all your toolbars are gone, all you have is a huge page with all your addons, and your tabs.

Thats what this addon does for you.

Was kommt als nächstes für AppTab Nav-B-Gone

nothing really, its finished. It may need updating as FF4 developes but that's about it.

Über den Entwickler

Name RyanFabbro
Ort USA - Michigan
Beruf Design
Homepage http://dirtrif.webuda.com/
Benutzer seit June 2, 2010
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