Not dnloading to S3 Android.

These look great on the desktop website.
But then... I went the URL of the "Android Firefox" page and choose 4 or 5 "Different" themes and
1. clicked the pic..and then
2. on the "ADD" showing on the pic and than
3. on the "Add to Firefox for Android." and NO-thing was added, dnloaded or what-ever on any of the attempted dnloads.

OH yea I don't have a BLOCKER on. . . and I be on WiFI or the web pages wouldn't load. LOL!

So I have to give these "Add Ons" a 1 Star until they actually do dnload!

UPDATE... found 2 of the 5 I tried to install in the ADDONS folder. Clicked on them, as one at a time and still "Not really a Theme," and is just a Persona, but labeled a a "theme." SO three Stars, now!

SO what happened to the DARK Firefox Theme, that made all the white pages DARK? And was way to great to keep for dnloading?

And I have a 4.5 INCH screen my S3 with settings all the way to super large, and forced to use a magnifing glass to view my addons listings. Why does the addon list... get the same ZOOM as the rest of the viewing?
Sorry again....Zero "stars" on that malfunction / BUG!

Bewertet mit 3 von 5 Sternen von JD am December 21, 2015

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