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  • What is the matter with you people? You're as bad as Microsoft and Yahoo! Do NOT use your [faithful] customers as alpha testers for your revised product until and unless you have made sure to incorporate all of the add-ons.

    Amazon Smile. Please restore in 24-48 or Chrome becomes the go-to. Your most recent update does not enhance my Firefox experience and I'd rather restore the prior version than use this garbage.

  • not compatible

  • Will there be an update to make AmazonSmile compatible with Firefox Quantum (v 57.0)? I use AmazonSmile whenever I shop on Amazon. I'd not to be able to contribute towards charities because this extension is outdated and considered "legacy."

  • I spent some time troubleshooting the problem, and there does not appear to be any way to fix this.

  • I prefer to use Amazon Smile to have a portion of the proceeds from my purchases benefit the charity of my choice. However, I *always* forget to type in "smile.amazon.com" whenever I want to visit the site, and wind up at "amazon.com" instead. The reminder on amazon.com to use Amazon Smile does not actually give me the option to switch with the click of a button. I have to go back and type it all in. This button makes life so much easier! I am a long-time Amazon shopper and LOVE that with one click I can go straight to Amazon Smile in a new tab, without typing, and without changing the page of the tab I'm already on, the way a bookmark button on the toolbar does, which I absolutely hate. If you are a regular Amazon shopper and want to make getting to Amazon Smile a whole lot easier, I highly recommend this add-on.

  • Added this to my FF browser, it won't stop opening up windows.

  • As mentioned by others, I'm unable to move the icon. Removing it completely or moving it to the menu container, it will still come back after restarting Firefox.

  • Just a bookmark so it won't help if you click a link from a search result (for instance). Instead (but a bit more advanced seup), you can install the "Redirector" extension and redirect "https?://(www\.|)amazon.com/(.*)" to "https://smile.amazon.com/$2" which will ensure you are always on the smile site.

  • I have installed this Smile Amazon twice and it is no where to be seem on my toolbars. I cannot use it if I cannot find it. When does the install place this button?

  • @Axwall. Can't you right-click on the toolbar to get to Customize? Then drag it off? I was able to delete it that way...but I don't want to, as the button is a good, not-to-garish reminder to use Smile when I visit Amazon.

  • It's on my toolbar. I delete it, and it disappears, but when I close and then reopen Firefox, it's there again. I don't need the button to remind me. I'd prefer to have it as a bookmark. Can anyone advise me how to remove it from the toolbar for good?

  • It doesn't ensure I'm on smile! It's just a bookmark. COMPLETELY WORTHLESS

  • This behaves like a bookmark, nothing more. I want something that redirects.

  • Anything that helps me give back to a charity while I shop is a wonderful thing! I don't always remember to click on it as I sometimes get to Amazon through a search, so the new pop up reminding me to redirect before I purchase is awesome. Thanks Amazon...nice job!

  • I think they missed the point on this one. I'd imagine most people would prefer an extension that redirects them to Smile automatically whenever they visit Amazon. With this small button you still have to remember to click it and that's the biggest problem people have with Smile, forgetfulness. There are 3rd party solutions for Firefox and Chrome that will redirect you to Smile 100% of the time, automatically. I will stick with those until Amazon officially releases something similar.

  • I don't have to search for a bookmark or type in anything. This little button takes me right to Amazon Smile, which uses your purchases to donate to a cause of your choice. Otherwise, you don't go automatically to Smile unless you type in a different address for amazon and I forget to do so. I suppose I could add a new bookmark to my thousands of others, but.

  • Not working as expected on Firefox 28.0. No add-on button, even after Firefox restart.

  • 0.5% to charity?
    How many BILLIONS do Amazon make each year, how MILLIONS do Amazon avoid in taxes every year?

    Add this to MY browser?? f**k off!


  • I do not want an advertisement for amazon in my toolbar. I do not need such a thing.

    The existence of this proves that amazon knows this is an issue, they need to solve this on their end, on their website, not by making users install an extension that commercializes their browser and probably tracks you, to boot.

  • The button is not appearing in the toolbar. Any ideas?

  • Quickly opens a new foreground tab for Amazon Smile. Works well.

  • This is a great feature for Amazonsmile. It's easy to use and allows me to quickly find products connected with giving back to the charitable organization of my choice. Very forward-thinking... excellent job!

  • Love it! Makes charitable giving easier with no added effort on my part.

  • I've been just typing in "amazon.com" for so long that I have muscle memory for it. A big orange button to remind me to hit up smile.amazon.com is just what I need to help me help others with Amazon's smile program.

  • Works perfectly. The color stands out in my browser and reminds me that I'm giving to charity every time I buy through this path. Love this feature of Amazon!