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  • It works perfect and shows no perfomance problems :)
  • I'm not sure how difficult this would be to implement, but when opening Amazon in an incognito browser, you end up in a little loop that doesn't let you browse past the little splash screen that shows up.

    Other than that, this is an awesome little reminder to donate to your favorite charity.
    Thanks for your feedback! I can't reproduce your problem. It works fine for me, for amazon.de and amazon.com.

    I could imagine that there is a redirecting error for some sites, because in icongito you are not logged in anymore.

    It should work in icognito like this:
    go to www.amazon.com or smile.amazon.com -> log in
  • Nice idea, but Amazon Drive cannot be used with this addon, because routing to smile.amazon.de is active.
  • I just added it with much delight. I always forget to go to "Smile" and I have so many logins, wow! Only thing is . . . how do I get the icon on my toolbar? Anyone? Help? Thanks in advance . . . .
  • xoxo
  • it does exactly what it is supposed to do
  • Such a silly and simple add-on but it helps, I always forget to go to Smile.