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  • Where is the source code?

    I am switching to the Amazon Smiley extension because the source code is readily available (https://github.com/eukaryote/amazonsmiley).
  • I like this extension, but the infinite reload loop if you're not already logged into Amazon is really annoying. It's also hard for a user to figure out the cause of that problem. I assume this isn't an easy problem to fix, but if it was possible to display a notification at the time of the problem that would go a long way to making it what is otherwise a great extension more usable.
  • Works great if you're logged in, but produces a redirect loop if you're not logged in for any amazon URL. (as stated in the description of the extension)

    Source code license stated is LGPLv3, but cant find a link to the code for audit and contributions to fix this issue. Seems like a simple iteration count of the redirects could provide a bound for the loop of redirects and if count reaches limit break loop, alert user to login, and redirect to the Amazon login URL which should not be set to redirect.
  • Works well when I type the amazon address myself, but when I click an amazon link from another source it gets stuck in an infinite loop of reloading.
  • Works if you're signed in, but produces a redirect loop if signed out. This breaks using amazon in private windows, where the user may not desire to be logged in.
  • Latest version (1.4.5) goes into infinite reload loop when loaded in Private Window, so needs some improvement.
    Otherwise, it seems to do its job.
  • Works great for shopping, but unfortunately catches AWS websites as well as Amazon Commerce, so it breaks getting to console.aws.amazon.com. A feature to disable for *.aws.amazon.* would help greatly. I had to disable it.
  • This used to work great but I just realized that I missed out on two Amazon Smile donations this morning because my page did not refresh to smile.amazon.com automatically like it used to.
    Do you already have the latest version (1.4.5) of the plugin?
  • Works well, one small issue is that if you click a direct product link (non-smile) while not logged in, it goes into a redirect loop until you open a new tab, go to Amazon Smile, and login. Doing that then allows the tab to load.

    Other than that, works very well! Thanks to the dev.
  • Works as expected so far! All the other add-ons I tried didn't work. Thanks! A+
  • Works great! It stopped working for me lately, not sure if it wasn't updating or if something else was going on, but removing it and re-adding it fixed the problem
  • Using amazon de and it works flawlessly. There is no delay either, it instantly switches to amazon smile.
  • Before today I would have said this was no longer working and hasn't been for some time. Today I removed the add-on, restarted and re-installed, and it started working. I'm happy again. I'm using Firefox 63.0.3.
  • I'm not entirely sure what some other users are talking about in regards to this extension not working.

    As of 28-11-2018, this extension is working perfectly well and redirects like it's supposed to (once you log in to Amazon of course).

    This is on Firefox Quantum 63.0.3.
  • app hasn't been working for weeks now. Will return to 5 star rating when it works again. Great app under working conditions
    Hey, do you have the newest version v. 1.4.5?