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  • This is an amazing plugin which fixes Mozilla's bug (I can't call any other way the weird decision of destroying the browser with all tabs by simple Ctrl-Q hit and without any way to re-assign it)

    However, the plugin is not compatible with the latest version of FF (57). Are there any plans to update it?
  • Only word: Great!
  • Thank god I found this extension years ago, and I've been using it happily ever since. Firefox's multiple tab close prevention is very buggy, thank god this extension ensures some reliability.

    Developer: PLEASE update the extension to support private tabs! I'm willing to pay for this addition!
  • Sadly Mozilla hasn't fixed bugs 550559 (Decouple Session Restore from Quit warning, warn when using keyboard shortcut on Mac & Linux) and 565567 (FF should ask for confirmation before quitting with Cmd-Q) despite all the votes. I found this and installed it before finding the other add-on warn-before-quit. This shows a simple alert whereas warn-before-quit draws its own transient dialog. It works for me with Firefox 41 on Linux. But it hasn't been updated for a while and requires a browser restart.
  • On Firefox 31.0 on 64 bit Windows 8, this addon only works when there is only one tab left open in a session, but fails to work when there are multiple tabs open, and Alt-F4 is pressed.

    Linkback to bugzilla report linking here: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=419009#c142
  • Did not work for Firefox 28.0 on Ubuntu 13.10. After installing, there is still no dialog when hitting CTRL-Q.
  • few too many times i have reached for ctrl+w and accidentally hit ctrl+q. While firefox should have an optional prompt built in this add-on does the trick nicely. thanks!
  • This is fantastic for those of use waiting for this FF bug/feature to be addressed: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=550559
    It's simple and does just what it says.
  • Pity it is not an inbuilt feature.
    I tested this addon to work on my Firefox Aurora 26.0a2 on OS X 10.8.5
  • Hi,

    This addon has resolved a long pending bug. But it would be even better if you could provide an option wherein the confirmation box would popup only when there are more than one tabs open.

    Antwort des Entwicklers

    It's not called Sometimes Ask :)

    I'll consider that suggestion but I've tried to keep it as simple as possible.
  • It has one little bug however... if you keep CMD+Q pressed you better quit and start firefox again because it won't stop warning you xD

    Anyway, thanks for the plugin, it saves a lot of trouble (and time).

    PD: Confirmed working on FX 16.0.2
  • Love it. Does exactly what it's supposed to. It saves me from accidentally quitting Firefox at least once a day.
  • It's a sad day when an ADD-ON is required to fix an annoyance like this... kudos to zpao for doing just that, and in a very simple way. This gets me out of the snake-pit of trying to follow the 100 different about:config settings that still don't fix it, and the convoluted bugzilla discussions on why it's fixed, not fixed, won't be fixed, is a feature, ... (!@#3$?!)
  • does just what it says and saves me from habitually closing too many windows.
  • This has saved me countless times. I love it.
  • Works great with Firefox 13.0.1. Many thanks.
    Wish it works with Thunderbird too...
  • Although I wish this extension wasn't necessary, it does exactly what it's supposed to and works in 10.0.2.
  • Confirmed working on Firefox 9.0.1. Very useful on my notebook and it's dodgy touchpad
  • Works smoothly on FFox 5.

    Feature request!
    Please add the same context window for the Ctrl+Shift+W on Windows and Ubuntu.

    Thank you!
  • One of the most useful add-ons I ever have installed. Thank you! ;)
  • Great add-on. I can't count the number of times I've fat fingered the Command-Q button. This is just what I needed!
  • Excellent! My clumsy fingers thank you.
  • Works great for Command-Q! I wish it worked for Restart also...
  • I frequently hit Cmd+Q by accident, intending to hit Cmd+W to close the current tab. This has been one of my most essential add-ons for a long time, very happy to see it updated for Firefox 4 compatibility. Works great!
  • I small but awesome X)