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  • Must have and long waited simple tab searching/managing tool for Firefox Quantum.

  • Great addon do you plan to make it easier to notice the current active tab on the tab list?. Now the font is bold but is hard to notice anyway. Could you change the color for the text or add like a symbol or something at the beginning to make it more noticeable?

  • This should come default with FF, it's that fucking crucial. I've tried a lot of options, and this is simple and works well enough.

    I desperately wish I could change the sidebar to dark mode. The bright white is killing my eyes. That is the only reason I'm taking a star off.

  • perfect alternative to multiple tab handler

  • Great addon! It's really nice to have all tabs vertically when you have hundreds of tabs to read through.

    I have to report a problem that will surely be fixed easily: when reaching for the close tab button in a list which is longer than the browser's height the scrollbar shows up on top of the close buttons, preventing me to click close.
    My current workaround is to open the tab and press cmd-w. I'm on Mac 10.12.6 and firefox 59.

  • I don't like the new WebExtensions release of the add-on, went back to my old version.
    Another addon-reason to forget about Firefox upgrades and stick to 52.7.2
    I'll really have to investigate for another browser
    What a shame the move Firefox made !

    What was the latest non-WebExtensions version of this addon ?
    Where can I download it (if more recent then the one I have : All Tabs Helper 0.2.38 ) ?

    Addon-developers should not reuse the same name (and auto-update) for the "old-technology" and Webextensions versions of their addons

  • Quite good Firefox extension. It performs the task I needed, listing the "title" of each tab.

    A helpful improvement would be to list the tabs of all windows. This could be by default or through a user selected setting.

  • Search in all tabs is just a fantastic option! Was looking for it for a very long time.

  • Could you please ,

    ● make ability to select items in tab list via checkboxes and a cursor-drawing rectangle ?

    - example : one checkbox per item. a checkbox for selecting all items. several buttons or a drop-down menu at top for manipulating selected items .

    - example : after activate a button or switch, use cursor to draw a rectangle for selecting items .

    ● make ability to select items in tab list via keyboard ?

    ● show title + url + index + status (current;loaded/suspended) as a tooltip when cursor hovering on a item in tab list ?

    ● draw a side border and box-shadow on current tab ?

    - example : #current-tab { border-left: 0.5em solid hsl( 210, 87.5%, 62.5%); box-shadow: 0 0 0 0.1em hsla( 240, 100%, 50%, 0.5) inset; background-color: hsla( 180, 100%, 50%, 0.125); }

    ● make a optional dark theme for popup menu and side bar and preferences page, in order to take care of eyes at night ?

    If not, make a optional theme which inherit colors from browser, in order to keep visibility and color consistency when the theme of browser is not bright ?

    ● make font size and vertical spacing in tab list able to be changed to user specified values ?

    - example : .tab-list > .item { font-size: 1.50em; line-height: 1.75; }

    - example : .tab-list > .item { font-size: 1.75em; height: 2.0em; margin-top: 0.1em; }

    ● automatically adjust popup menu height in order to keep visibility when DPI is higher than 200% ?

    ● make popup menu width able to be changed to 1920px ?

    ● make preferences page able to display as a single page outside the addon manager ?

    ● make settings able to export and import ?

  • Been using this extension for 2-3 months as I've transitioned to Firefox from Chrome and it's worked out very well for keeping tabs on my tabs ;) One request would be a shortcut key so that the user would not need to click on it to activate All Tabs Helper. Thanks!

  • The option to start searching when typing is not working on the button menu it only seems to work on the sidebar.


  • It works fine, but there's an annoying bug in the OSX version of Firefox. The scroll bar is displayed on top of the "X" icon that closes tabs. I can usually close one tab by clicking the X, but as soon as I do this the scroll bar appears and I can not close any more tabs without moving the mouse cursor outside of the All Tabs Helper menu. This makes it impossible to quicly close several tabs.

    Looking at the screenshots on this website the All Tabs Helper menu looks different, with the X button to the left of the scroll bar, so I assume that the behaviour I get is a bug. I couldn't find any other way to contact the maker this addon so I'm writing a review here. I hope it can get fixed.

  • Great addon. Just to have working 'dups' tab deserves 5 stars. Since mozilla, in their endless wisdom, Ⲫv¢{ed up tab groups, this addon is essential.

  • Not bad in general but 2 things to say

    1. No option to SAVE a list of all open tabs to a txt file for example ? Any other addon recommended for this ?

    2. I just cannot scroll down further at one moment maybe because of my desktop resolution, are there some buttons at the bottom of the tabs list or not ? Not visible in the pictures, anyway it would make sense that the developers test their things on several desktop resolutions, I am rather old and my eyes are not good so I have to use rather large fonts and some programs are just unusable because some buttons become invisible this way etc., not everyone is 20 or 30 anymore but many developers seem to ignore this

  • Não suspende nenhuma aba.

  • Pretty good for working with many tabs.

    Is it possible to change the font to the browser's default font (sans-serif)? I'm working all the time with the dopdown list from ATH and the ATH font is a little bit blurry on my PC.

  • I couldn't even Bookmark several tabs i incovinientlky selected in the damn menu instead just Ctrl-Click on hem and transfer to the bookmark's desirable folder.

  • Indispensable tool.
    Thx to the developer for bringing it back to life! Good head on one's shoulders, dependable! Great useful&friendly, very stable.

  • Compared to the legacy versions, the functionality of using a keyboard shortcut to open the tabs list is either missing or the key combination has changed. From ergonomics and efficiency perspective it is a clear weakness as it interrupts my workflow. Please try to add a hotkey combo back to the plugin.

  • Dommage, pas en français !

  • This is indispensable, I use it to manage my many tabs. But there has been a few issues since Firefox switched to WebExtnsion (not really the dev's fault)

    In the latest version tabs don't stay in the same place after restart, I have grouped tabs for similar topics but they are all over the places after restart.

    Also, the first tab loaded after restart always moves to the first position (from the left) no matter where it is.

    I checked the option open tab next to current if that matters.

    Also search never works since FF57. have to use filter for all tabs.

    Thanks for the great work. I rate this as 4 star despite the issues since these are not the dev's fault and I am sure he will work on them.

  • I thought the whole point in updating software is to make it better, not make it worse and remove features, which is what's happening with AllTabsHelper, what the heck are you doing!? Used to be great. Now so much functionality is missing it would not even be worth installing for some one new to FF or coming to ATH from a different sidebar tab addon. Can't even rearrange tabs from the tab list any longer. Last version that worked perfectly was ver 0.2.38. Like i said, used to be 5 stars ez, now i wouldn't even give it a single star.

    developer has an "I'm always right attitude" move along people, this ones not worth your time

    "not true" oh really? funny because I'm pretty sure i can tell the difference between when it worked and when it stopped working!

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    "Can't even rearrange tabs from the tab list any longer"

    Not true.

  • Limits the listing of open tabs to only the current window. Should list ALL tabs that are open in all windows of Firefox to be able to see them ALL, and search them ALL.
    Thank You!

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    Sez who?

  • Wow....1 hour with new Firefox and I was ready to dump it and head to Chrome. Then I found this extension. I'll admit it, I have a problem with keeping tabs open. So without an easy why to manage and access them, using Firefox was painful. This extension, however, has saved the day. I like it so much better than my previous options with the old Firefox. Thanks Kevin Jones!!!