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This has been my theme for almost a decade, but I just had a FireFox update and now it's broken. I'm sure it would still work, but due to FireFox calling every minor bug fix a new release version there is some number somewhere that needs to be changed in a config file to get it working agian, and unfortunately I don't know where that is.
If someone can post a 'how to fix' to this review page, please do, so I can get my Aeon Clouds back again.
btw, Ed, awesome job on the theme!

OK I figured out how to bring it back to life, use these instructions at your own risk.
I run on Kubuntu (KDE Ubuntu Linux) so my paths might be a bit different.
In the home folder go to .mozilla/firefox/(your profile)/extensions
There will be .xpi files with the names in Hex code (a jumble of lettes and numbers). My copy of Aeon Clouds started with FDE3F... but that may not be the case for everyone.
Open the .xpi file with Archive Manager (Ark didn't work well), or WinZip or whatever else you might have.
Open the install.rdf file with Kate (or gedit or notepad). The name of the extension will be listed in the file, confirm it's the one you want.
On the MaxVersion line it did say 5.0.1.*
I simply put a 1 infront of the 5 to make it compatible up to version 15 (next month I guess).
Save the file and update the archive.
Restart Firefox if it was open during this, select your theme, enable and restart firefox again.
TaDa! the dinosaur will now scare you when you hit the forwards button again.

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