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  • 使用しやすく便利です

  • If you want to go on a nostalgia trip and have your browser look like it was designed in the 90s, install this theme. I personally can't even stand Aero and things that were designed in the mid 2000s, so you can imagine this is making my eyes bleed.

  • Have used Aeon Big since first released, and it was perfect for so long. However, for sometime now, the Tools/Options have stopped working and I have no access to any settings. And now, with the latest Firefox 45.0.1 update, there is no longer a padlock in the URL bar and that is too important of a security feature and I want that. Also, I can no longer drag the url into a bookmark folder. A lot of functionality has been lost. Was 5 stars for sure, but now - not. Really hoping / wishing that one of the best themes = Aeon Big could be updated to be compatible with latest Firefox updates.

  • My eyesight is getting worse as I get older, and this is the only theme that I've used that has nice, large icons, while still remaining what I consider to be a clean, simple theme. The font size on my browser itself (not the webpages) is still too small (if anyone knows a work-around for this, please share!), but I using this is easier than other themes because I can recognize the large icons - and I don't have to squint to see what I'm doing.I have to note that it did not work for me for FF 18 - in fact, I went did a search until I found a way to go back to FF 15, just so I can still use this.


    I can't find a way to respond to your reply, Ed, so I'm adding to this comment. I'm thrilled that you've updated it to work w/FF 18. Might just update to that now... About the size of the font - I do that with the Advanced setting when I need to (depending on how far fr the screen I might be), but I wasn't clear - I was speaking about the taskbar. The font is small on that (although I pretty well know most fr memory so I don't really have to squint).

  • Very comfortable browser...pleasantly colored browser and icons that are comfortably sized...I use it everyday as well...:)

  • Love this add-on! Makes my desktop more user friendly and colourful! Thanks

  • Thank you Ed!

    I selected your theme several months ago after reviewing hundreds of offerings. I was very disappointed when your theme stopped working with Firefox v14. This morning I noticed your theme was no longer disabled by Firefox.

    Thank you for designing a unique theme style that is not offered by anyone else!

  • I love the Aeon browser. All my years of using Firefox and I haven't found a theme I like better.

    Of course I think I quit looking after I loaded this one. Firefox just isn't the same without it.

    I've downloaded Aeon Big until Aeon is ready. Thank you so much for updating these themes. My browser is just naked and dull without it.

    For users looking for a theme, this is a bright, cheery theme, it's very user friendly. The buttons make sense, the colors are easy on the eyes, it's not too busy like some themes, yet everything you need is there. I can't remember ever having problems with it. I've used this theme for many years.

    This theme is a keeper!

  • This is one of the BEST themes for Firefox. Crisp and clear. Very professional looking. Amazing attention to detail. My thanks to the author.

  • Thank You so much for making this for FF4. I have very poor eyesight and tried other Themes for FF4 but I finally gave up and figured I would just use FF3.6. for as long as I could. Then I saw You updated it for FF4 and I was thrilled!! Do You realize this is the only theme on Firefox that works for those of Us who can't see so well. This is the only add-on that if You asked for a donation I would be glad to give it to You!! Thank You so much again for making it for FF4!!

  • Very visibility :)))

  • Aeon themes have been my fauvorite,ever.Even though my eyesight is not poor I am using Aeon big.Firefox 4 looks great with this theme

  • alright I give.
    How do you download this thing?

  • I love espesially scroll bar in Aeon thmes.

  • This theme is very bright and clear. Great for failing eyesight. I wish there were more like it.


  • Nothing misleading about this theme it's Bright, it's Clear.

    I found 1 thing that I don't like about it however that hasn't stopped me from using it.

    When I zoom pages to fit the width of my screen it enlarges the vertical/horizontal scroll bars.

    I'm not sure if this is meant to be but it deserves 4 stars.

  • No matter how many beautiful, exciting, and innovative themes I try, I keep coming back to Aeon Big. Why? Cuz I can easily read it. It's not just the size, it's the layout, the colors. Someone figured out how to make this truly readable. Many thanks.

  • I am extremely nearsighted, so I like the big icons and the fact that the function of each icon is so obvious. I got a kick out of the surprise appearance of a paw print when I clicked the print icon. I'm a cat person, and it looks like a kitty paw print.

    Not sure if a theme can really affect the speed of Firefox and maybe it's just coincidence, but I was using another theme and Firefox was extremely slow. I switched to this theme and everything speeded up. Weird.

    Anyway, good job!

  • My favorite theme by far.

  • Nice and very original!

  • Sehr schön und übersichtlich; weiter so!!

  • 這是我用過的佈景主題中最好的一個!
    This is the best theme I ever used!