Not working correctly in Firefox 27 Bewertet mit 2 von 5 Sternen

After installing Firefox 27, I'm noticing that, for some reason, anything I create with Add To Search Bar isn't working properly. Specifically, anything that's created is supposed to take the form of an XML file (i.e. Google.xml). Instead, every single file gets a weird file extension (i.e. Google.undefined.undefined), which causes whatever I create to, eventually disappear from the search after awhile. The only way to stop it is to go into the searchplugins folder (within FF's profile folder) and manually change every file's extension to XML manually. Of course, the minute I do that, every one of those search plugins gets put at the bottom, out of alphabetic order, forcing me to manually arrange it back into the correct order. Hopefully, this problem can be fixed.

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