Add to Bookmax-can you guess what it does? Bewertet mit 4 von 5 Sternen

The big clue is in the name, I worked it out on my 3rd guess, not bad, eh? Something I liked right from the start, we've all got our little idiosynchronic eccentricities, I have, anyway, they're not to be confused with neurotic, pedantic type behaviours, which are more of a disease so not like the charming quirks, the distinguishing nuances, the more charismatic among us often possess. Anyway, 'Add to Bookmax' not only makes its intentions perfectly clear + without equivocation, it delivers!!!
It's no idle threat, then, this app is true to its word, it's honourable, + you get a rather fetching white 'B' on a blue background, shoved on your toolbar so this is an app that's very much focused on giving, which it does unconditionally, regardless, it doesn't judge, some of you I don't doubt are completely undeserving of this show of compassion, none the less, that's what you'll get. If adding stuff to Bookmax is your game then you've arrived, nothing else comes close, literally, 'Add to Bookmax' is without rival, Don Corleone is in the room + respect is due. Chiao.